07 October 2010

In my other life

Believe it or not, I was somewhat crafty before the world of mommy and blogging and such.  I've always liked to make things, and one thing I always wanted to make was my very own saddle.  So, a few years ago, before Eli was born, I went to Saddle Making School and made my very own, full blown, western riding saddle. To prove it to you, here's a picture:
Purdy, ain't it?

Well, after I made the saddle, I decided I needed to try my hand an some more leather work, so I convinced Adrienne to go back to saddle school with me to make chaps... and make chaps we did!  We spent a whole weekend and worked our tails off, and came out with many pairs of chaps, plus a few other trinkets.  Wish I had some pictures to prove it, but I can't find them. (Interestingly, on the weekend in question I happened to be exactly five weeks pregnant with Eli, and morning sickness hit in full force.  Sitting in a closed room surrounded by leather did nothing to help the ailment.  For the rest of the pregnancy I couldn't so much as touch leather with my bare hands. I couldn't stand the smell of it either.  This was problematic when I had to drive in vehicles with leather seats, put on my leather shoes and saddle my horse with my leather saddle. Luckily the aversion went away after Eli was born!)

Anyway, that was 4 years ago, and of that trove of treasures we made, which we planned to sell to pay for the adventure, I still have four pair of chaps. These I do have a picture of:

Also very purdy, if I do say so myself.

So, in an attempt to FINALLY get these off my hands, I am listing them everywhere I can think of.  But, the exciting part is, I am listing them on MY NEW ETSY SHOP!  That's right folks, I did it, I started a shop. Right now it's not to flashy, I've got no banner and I've only listed the chaps, but I am hoping to get to listing some of the growing pile of baby goods I've got cluttering 'the room.'  Don't worry, I'll keep you posted! And hey, if you've always wanted a pair of authentic western chaps, now's the time!


  1. I am so excited!
    Not for the chaps (sorry...I don't know a horse).
    But for the baby stuff!

  2. ha ha!! i knew you would do it!!! congrats! i'm so excited for you!!!!

  3. ohhh, congrats on the etsy thing. you'll make millions before you know it. pretty soon, eli and si will be knitting away for you to keep up on the rush!

  4. We don't see a lot of saddles in NYC, nor do I know of anyone who has created their own saddle.

    That one is beautiful and I think it's cool there is a school to learn how to make a saddle.


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