20 October 2010

Ten Things I want for my House

So, while we live in my parent's basement, we do actually own a house.  Actually, we own two, but one of the ones we own sits empty waiting for us to live in it.  We will live in it once a number of things happen:
1. We get rid of the water problem.
2. We redo all the flooring.
3. We paint all the walls and ceilings.
4. We figure out to fit all the stuff that fit into our glorious Michigan home into it.
5. Jared gets a killer job so we can afford to buy our own groceries.

But, in the mean time, it sure is fun to dream of how we are going to decorate it, and what we are going to do with it.  I would sure rather make these dreams with a bigger, more luxurious house in mind, but for now I'll make due.

As I search the web for ideas, here are ten things I LOVE LOVE LOVE, that I want to do in our house:

1. Make the boys room as cute as this one:

2. Except, instead of the super cute awning, I would put in this, right above the train table:
Okay, not the whole thing, but something kind of like it, inspired by it.  Trust me, it will be rad.

3. Have my living room be this color:

4. And my kitchen this color:

 5. This clock

6. Beadboard in the bathroom:

7. This amazing hallway (minus the light - cute, but I'm not going to do it.)

8. Crown Molding in my bedroom:

9. A new mailbox:
10. And, a beautiful back porch I can actually enjoy:

Okay, realistically not all of this is going to be done before we move in, but I can dream, and continue looking, and plan for one day when I will have it all! We've torn out a lot, but I will go in and take before pictures soon so you can see what amazing things we do accomplish.  Then we will have a big house warming party (but not too big, because really, we don't have that much room) and everyone can enjoy it with us.  It will be wonderful.


  1. What a cute hallway! It would totally work in your house!
    And can we please figure out how to make a Platform 9 3/4 sign??? My boys would DIE.

  2. I actually just thought of it and thought that Eli wouldn't care, but that Benny and Charlie would love it! Realistically, Aaron is going to have to be the artistic director on that one, so ya, we can figure it out!

  3. Why is it that I love everything you do? Oh- and can justin and i help with the renos? I think it would be really fun...

  4. i think instead of just painting the living room that color, you should also bring that dumpster in. im sure you could fit it into some little corner.
    cute ideas.

  5. That is a great periwinkle blue (would you call it that?) and that clock...I love! I love so much I have it, in my living room...and the best part is I won it...it was a prize...I love winning things (what's that? You have a giveaway coming up?)

    I really want to see before pictures!

  6. i like that the living room is the colour of a dumpster...i love that colour tho!


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