14 September 2011

Hi-Ho, The Derry O

The farmer built a fence!

Last weekend we had a work day at the farm.  Jack had a fence, which I didn't take any before pictures of, but which was about the most derelict fence you've ever seen.  You see, for years it was a fence that kept goats in... or rather, a fence which tried to keep goats in.  There were so many pieces of this and that just holding the fence together.  First we tore the old fence down, replaced a few posts, and strung new, clean, sharp wire!  It was a fun day, and the boys were great helpers.

Eli spent most of his time with Jack doing real man's work!

Silas was quite content to hammer.  He wore through his plastic, Home Depot hammer and moved on to a real one. 

And after five hours we had a fresh new fence, just for Jack.  Most of you can't appreciate just how nice it is, but trust me, it's nice.  Here's to no barb wire incidents this month...

09 September 2011

31 Years

Let me tell you something, turning 31 is not nearly as awesome as you think.  30, while it meant I was getting older, was kind of novel, kind of cool.  I mean, it had been a whole 10 years since I'd entered into a new decade.  People notice 30, whether they think it's awesome, or feel sorry for you.  31 on the other hand just cements the 30s in, without any of the radness.  When I was 10, my aunt Nancy had New Kids on the Block call me and sing their Happy Birthday song to me. I cried.  Didn't happen on my 31st. 

Still, it wasn't a half bad day.  I got to hang out with my Russell nephews and niece.  We burnt two entire batches of zucchini muffins, which were supposed to be my birthday cake.  I ruined the cream cheese icing, which I went out specifically to buy the ingredients for and ended up getting hit in the parking lot of Safeway in my brand new (to me) minivan.  Still, we ate the muffins, I ignored the dent, and I got sang to, not by the New kids, but by a bunch of kids I love so much more.

In the evening we went to our churches annual "Corn Bust."  I like corn.  I like busting.  It worked out.

And, when we got home, I opened my present from Jared, and couldn't have been happier:

My toes liked turning 31.  I will wear them everywhere.

06 September 2011

Labour Day Labour

I was quite determined to get out and get physical with my family this Labour Day.  So, on Monday morning we headed out bright and early for Banff National Park to hike Johnson's Canyon.  We invited the masses, but only Jared's mom and sister Renee and her family came along.  Everyone else missed out, let me tell you, it was a blast!

 Here we are, after the hike.  We wanted to go all the way to the ink pots, but I've been sick as a dog for two weeks and just didn't have the energy, and while Eli was a real trooper, but was pooped by the upper falls.  5.2 km wasn't bad for either of us. Plus, I helped push my niece Rhiannon in her wheelchair most of the way up to the lower falls.
Not sure what face Jared is making here, but Eli is showing where we hiked. He was pretty proud. 

It was crazy busy, so we didn't get a chance to get a big group shot, but I did get a few gooders. 

And afterward, as a reward, we drove out to Lake Louise and got icecream.  The boys couldn't have been happier!

A four year old's hair crisis

If you think you know bad hair day, you don't know Eli's bad hair days.  On Sundays we dress up for church.  We iron our shirts and wear fancy shoes.  We pour over ties for at least five minutes.  And, unlike any other day of the week, we comb our hair.  Lately Eli has been very interested in Sunday hair styles, and this week he had a complete melt down over the state of his hair.  He wanted a mohawk, but his hair is just a little too long to make a stylish, subtle mohawk, so I said no.  Then he wanted it slicked with gel, then he wanted it all spiky.  We just couldn't agree on an appropriate style for church. Finally I gave in and handed over the comb, figuring that I wouldn't be judged too bad on my four year old's hair style.  This is what he came up with, and what he went to church with:
You can see the evidence of his melt down on his cheek.  I thought he looked charming!  By the time it dried he just looked like he'd slept on it, but oh well, he wasn't crying. Love. This. Boy.

And, for some after church photo joy:

PS Yes, I realize that I completely dropped off the face of the earth for the entire summer.  No, I don't promise not to do it again.  Let's not talk about it, okay? Done.
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