30 December 2013

And so it begins!

Today I'm sitting and knitting. But, not in the comforts of my home, cozy on a couch. I'm sitting at a cafeteria table in a noisy ski lodge. I'm entertaining Atticus by sending him to and from the garbage can with tiny pieces of paper over and over again. He is entertaining everyone between the garbage can and our table by his cute waddle, only mastered in a full ski suit with winter boots on.

Getting out of the home with four kids, plus all their ski gear, made me promise to sell all the equipment as soon as possible and buy an XBox, but once here, on the snow covered mountain, I understand why my parents did it year after year, and know I will do the same. Eli and C are both, after only a few hours on the bunny hill, cruising with their cousins like they've been doing it all their lives. Si is out with his dad, proud as punch to have mastered the pizza and the French fries.  Even Atticus strapped on a pair of skis for a jaunt down the hill.

So, despite the craziness of getting us all put together enough to be here in the first place, and the sacrifice of sitting in the lodge rather than "shredding" the hill myself,  I'm glad we're all here, and can't wait for a few years down the road (or maybe a little more than a few) when the whole Wiebe clan can be out there on the hill together.

11 November 2013

Cadence and Hue - A Knitting Pattern

Drum roll please....
Ladies and gentlemen, here you have it. The latest pattern from Jenny Wiebe Designs - Cadence and Hue!

This one is generously sized, ready for practically any child on your gift list from a preemie to size 10. 
It's knit with DK weight yarn, and can be accessorized with the most darling of buttons.  

It's seemless, it's knit top down, it's got fantastic striping possibilities!!!

So, what's stopping you?!?  At just $4, you really do need to just !

If you aren't convinced, check out all the projects made by my fabulous test knitters and others right here:  and check out all the pattern details on Ravelry: Cadence and Hue.

Remembrance Day


Today is Remembrance Day in Canada, a day to remember all those who have fought for the freedom of those who can't protect themselves.

This past week we have been studying the subject, and the boys have worked at memorizing "In Flanders Feilds."  Silas is pretty sweet, isn't he?

While I didn't want to dwell on the horrors of war, I did want to be honest about what it was like for the men and women that we are remembering.  The boys decided that they wanted to do a poster to show what they learned.

Here's Eli's.  He cut out everything so carefully and thoughtfully.  He also copied the entire poem on a separate piece of paper to put with it.  He is so wonderful.

And, here's Silas's.  I have to tell you, it is very interesting to me to homeschool two different children of two different ages.  As we started off making the posters, I kind of wanted both of the boys' posters to look like Eli's did.  But then Silas started cutting and pasting, and he knew exactly what he was doing, and he was just so cute. Then, when he cut out the big blob in the middle of the page, I was about to put a stop to it, thinking he was about to ruin the whole thing, and he said, "No, Mommy, it's the poison gas!"  That boy amazes me.  We'd talked about some of the awful things that the soldiers endured, and poison gas was one of those things.  Sometimes I think Silas isn't catching a word, but he got that.  I love him.

Anyway, I just wanted to say, that I am extremely grateful to the people who have fought for freedom, and for their mothers who are left behind.  Bless them all.

08 November 2013

Halloween 2013

If there were a holiday I could do without, it would definitely be Halloween.  I'm a total party pooper, but seriously?  I just don't like it.  Which is why, when Eli planned on being a mummy for an entire month, I broke it to him three days before the big day that he had to pick a costume from the dress up box.  And when Silas wanted to be a vampire bat more than anything, I convinced him he actually wanted to be a knight, which he may or may not have been the last two years.  I did get a little creative when Eli came up with a "Coon skin hat" and a musket, and made him a Davey Crockett shirt (out of a tunic and a old curtain I bought at Value Village).  He doesn't know who Davey Crockett was, and neither did anyone who saw his costume, but he felt cool all tasseled up.  And hey, they got to eat ton of candy, and the Halloween fairy and "Dr Evans" took care of whatever was left after Halloween night, so they were happy in the end.

Here they are in all their costume box glory!

Of course, on Halloween night they needed costumes they could wear their snow suits under, so here they were in their revised costumes then:

And this one, because Aaron is amazingly creative, and everyone needs a little Aang in their lives:

07 November 2013

Walton Pullover - A Knitting Pattern

Last year I knit my dear friend, Adrienne, a monster sweater. I only say monster, because before that sweater I had only ever knit children's items - so anything in adult sizing, naturally, felt monstrous. With the remnants of yarn from that sweater I decided I needed a fun, easy project, and so came my Walton Pullover.

It's a super simple raglan pullover, sized for children from 6 months to 8 years old.  While my striping pattern is all laid out in the pattern, you can always get creative and come up with your own: its a great stash buster, or the perfect pattern to use up those yarn ends.

This one was knit in Malabrigo Merino Worsted, the most wonderful, soft, beautiful yarn.  But, any worsted weight yarn will do.

As always, I had a handful on knitters test knit my pattern.  I honestly couldn't live without test knitters! You can check out their projects and any others here:      They did such a great job of their sweaters.

This would be a perfect, easy, first project for a novice knitter, but an excellent template for a more adventurous knitter wanting to experiment with different colorwork designs.

The pattern can be purchased for only $4 on Ravelry, or you can buy it right now by clicking here: 

25 October 2013

The Joy of Boys

My best friend is a firefighter. Her husband is also a firefighter. While this may seem like a perfect situation to most moms of boys, it actually poses huge problems in my home.

Typical scenario:

E and Si are playing firefighter. Silas wants to cut down trees with his firefighter axe. Eli insists that the axe is only to be used for chopping into buildings to save cats. This is where it gets messy. Eli insists he knows because Adrienne told him so.  Silas screams back, "Kevin told me it's for trees."  Now, I'm not entirely sure if Adrienne or Kevin have ever pontificated on the proper use of firefighter axes with my boys, but each of my boys is sure they have been given the authority by their favourite firefighter to declare what axes are for. 

Of course, mom is not an expert, and so no matter of explaining that axes may in fact be used for many tasks will make do.  And, Adrienne and Kevin are, of course, across the country enjoying the peace of the East Coast, while I am at home waging war over their mixed opinions. 

Eventually Silas gives in (since, in reality, his big brother knows way more than Adrienne or Kevin put together) and admits that he was just joking, and the axes begin saving cats the world over. 

And this mom finds some peace, for a few minutes anyway.

23 October 2013

Big Thom - A Knitting Pattern

After knitting Thom with a "TH" for Tommy, I knew I needed to knit one for one of mine. So, I sized it up and made one for my Si.

He calls it his "Rock Sweater" because of the buttons. I call it Big Thom. This one is sized for age 4 - 12, knit completely seamlessly from top-down, and would be so easy to embellish in any way you want. 

The best part is, if you like Big Thom and Thom with a "TH" , you can buy one and get the other for just a dollar!  In Ravelry, just add both patterns to your cart, and use the coupon code "onedollarthom." If you are just interested in this one, go ahead and click here >>> 

As always, check out the other sweaters knit from the Big Thom pattern.
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