23 October 2010

Working in the Yard

This summer was so packed with fun, with excitement, with traveling, that the back yard kind of got neglected.  About the only thing that happened to it was an ocassional mow.  No weeds were pulled, no trees were pruned, nothing.  So, here we are in the most glorious October ever, and my mom and Phoebe have decided to tackle the forest of weeds. And Eli.  Eli helped.

 Jared didn't get a picture of it, but at some points it just got to hard to push his wheel barrel, so what did my son do?  Hi just picked up the whole thing and carried it to where it needed to be?  He's a monster!

And, the finished product.  Too bad it's going to snow now and we won't even be able to enjoy it.  Oh well, it's beautiful while it lasts.


  1. That eli is a monster- once Justin was in his way so he just picked him up and put him where he wanted him. It was amazing!!

  2. That little man is a BIG helper! He is adorable!!!


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