19 October 2010

The Strength of Sampson

 Yesterday our little Silas destroyed an entire building with a single blow.  Today, he can't lift a feather!  What brought on this sudden weakness?  Well, we cut off his mane, his locks, his beautiful hair, and with it went his Sampson-like strength.  I know, it had to be done, it had long ago gotten past ridiculous, but again, like with the walking thing, his wispy hair was a remnant of the baby that is slipping from me, and I just couldn't do it (never mind the whole losing his strength thing... that was tragic, too.)  Although, I must say, what he lost in strength he made up for in incredible good looks.  I mean, if this kid had a super power, it would be stopping people in their tracks with his handsomeness.  Honestly, have you ever seen a sweeter boy?  Probably not!

And, here's some action shots to prove what a champ I am with scissors in hand!


  1. his hair was really wild before. he must have just woken up. the hair cut is compleatly adorable.

  2. hard to watch them grow up... and make them look older! But he sure does look cute!

  3. Because I have such bald babies the appearance of hair makes me think they are growing up too fast so I keep it tight and short for a really long time...to remind me of baby baldness....

    You did a good job, I almost took out an eye when I tried, fortunately there is a lovely lady at first choice hair cutters that will leave eyes and ears intact and give em a sticker at the end. IT is 7.95 well spend.

  4. I can't believe he held still for that long!!!


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