08 May 2013

Big Thom - A Knitting Pattern

After knitting Thom with a "TH" for Tommy, I knew I needed to knit one for one of mine. So, I sized it up and made one for my Si.

He calls it his "Rock Sweater" because of the buttons. I call it Big Thom. This one is sized for age 4 - 12, knit completely seamlessly from top-down, and would be so easy to embellish in any way you want. 

The best part is, if you like Big Thom and Thom with a "TH" , you can buy one and get the other for just a dollar!  In Ravelry, just add both patterns to your cart, and use the coupon code "onedollarthom." If you are just interested in this one, go ahead and click here >>> 

As always, check out the other sweaters knit from the Big Thom pattern.
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