08 October 2010

A Toddling Toddler

It finally struck me this morning just how grown up Silas is getting: he brought me a shoe to put on him, and he walked to get to me!  I know, CRAZY!  He's supposed to be a baby still, but he's definitely entering the realm of toddler. I don't mind so much.  I love to watch him walk, hands held high in the air like he's in some kind of stick up.  For the upcoming winter it will be so much nicer to not have to worry about putting him down on the dirty ground because he will be on his feet, not his hands and knees.  He will soon be able to keep up so much better with Eli, his favourite person on earth. Still, with each step he takes I am reminded of how he will not be little forever, how precious these sweet moments of babyhood really are.  I already miss the little guy!

But hey, no use crying over that which you can't change, right?  So, let's celebrate! Put your hands up for our talented little walking man, who just loves how clever he is and loves to show it off.


  1. You are so lucky - You have a beautiful family!

  2. moms yard this time of year is so great for pics!
    cute boy!


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