31 October 2010

Costumes Complete!

When it finally came down to it, Silas and Eli's costumes were no brainers.  With a little pondering, digging and creativity, I managed to pull together two costumes that both boys loved, and were pretty dang cute, to boot!

Eli, naturally, was the truest of the true, the bravest of the brave, the strongest of the strong: he was a knight, sword, shield and all.  He, who is really into comparing himself to others right now (and making sure he is always on top), was very concerned that his costume be "real."  What could be more real than a chain mail helmet, gauntlets and a foam sword? 

I sewed the tunic and crocheted the chain mail for him last Christmas.  Jared taped up an old cardboard box for the helmet, and the foam sword and shield were toy box finds.  I didn't have to spend a penny, and he couldn't have been more pleased!

With Eli's costume perfected, it was Silas I had to focus on.  Then it hit me!  When I think of Silas, I really think of one person.  Someone that he is most like, in almost every way. Someone that he looks up to, more than anyone else.  Someone he admires and can't get enough of:
That's right folks, my own little Harry Potter!  Can't you see the resemblance?
 Um, why does Harry not have a scar in that picture???  Don't worry, Silas does.

 Doesn't he make a perfect Harry?  And really, besides the fact that he wasn't attacked by an evil wizard... wait, Harry was attacked on Halloween night the year he was one, right?  Well, I guess I'm keeping my invisibility cloak handy tomorrow night! This baby is not growing up under any stair.  Back off all of you with your Smeltings Sticks, you can't get at my boy!
 Despite Halloween being tomorrow night, we are finished with our festivities.  We won't be Trick-or-Treating tomorrow, due to it being Sunday, the sabbath and all.   We did attended two "Trunk-or-Treats," and loaded up on goodies, which we will bring to my dad's Halloween Candy Buy Back on Monday night: because, as fun as it is to collect it, I'd rather it not be in my kids stomachs, or mine! I do hope everyone out there has as fabulous a Halloween as we have had!


  1. I think he totally looks like Harry Potter!

  2. They looked awesome! I love the harry- such a resemblance

  3. Very cute costumes!! All you needed was the pressure of the last minute...good job!

  4. i was wondering where my skull headband went...good thing i don't do halloween.

  5. silas is looking more like andy every time i see a pic of him...maybe you could send him with jared and he can sleep over at my house, too!

  6. I love the apple box helmet more than life itself.

  7. Um, it's so not an apple box. It's the box from the raw dog food for the dogs. Yup. It says "Urban Carnivore" across the back!


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