11 October 2010

Holidays in the Way Brings Upon a Giveaway!!!

I'm not one to rush things, but frankly, Halloween and Thanksgiving tend to just get in the way of my full enjoyment of Christmas.  Living in the States for three years really cramped my style, as their Thanksgiving, a whole six weeks after Canada's, three weeks after Halloween, has the habit of needing to be celebrated before bobbles can be hung, bells can be rung or carols can be sung! If it were up to me Christmas would begin as soon as the last leaf drops, which in Calgary is probably going to be this weekend.

So, as today is Thanksgiving in the True North, and I'm not going to let all these holidays get in my way, I am hosting a giveaway... or six...or seven!  That's right, every week from now until American Thanksgiving, when every person can freely celebrate Christmas without reproach, I am going to be giving away a little Christmas cheer.  All I ask is that you follow my blog publicly (oh, the joy I get from your happy little faces smiling at me from the Follower list!), and that you leave a comment on any post during the week of that particular giveaway.  That's right, it's that easy.  Follow and comment.  Comment on more than one post, you get your name in the draw more than one time!  (But, comment on one post several times, you still only get one entry, sorry.)  Each Sunday night I will announce a winner, and Monday morning I will post a new giveaway.  How's that sound to you?

So, starting today on this wonderful Thanksgiving morning, I am giving away a leaf inspired garland.  For those of you trying to hold on to the last few weeks of fall, this one's for you.  8 feet of beautiful fall colors, this can be used year after year.  I've loved mine, and hope whoever wins will enjoy theirs too.


  1. I love this garland! I want to win it! :)

  2. i love that garland. enter me in!
    your crazy to do so many giveaways!!

  3. I have been wanting that garland since I saw it on your blog... seriously. Plus I think you are awesome. Maybe you will giveaway some chaps? And my dream of owning some can be fulfilled? Just an idea...
    Oh- and I miss you.

  4. Hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving!

  5. I love them the MOST MOST...it was a love contest right?

    I am so impressed with how circular each little circle is...don't burst my bubble with mention of a special circle tool.

    I also love your boldness at including blue. It makes me love them even more then I already did (which was the MOST MOST! remember...)

  6. i have already started listening to christmas music, and music that sounds like christmas music, and thinking about all things christmas. but i need more cute decoration. like this garland. LOVE IT!


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