27 October 2010

Tuesday Night Riding Club

That's right, I've started a club.  A riding club.  It's usually on Tuesday nights, but sometimes gets pushed to Wednesday nights (but it's still called the TUESDAY Night Riding Club in those instances - although some refer to it as the Best Friends' Riding Club regardless of the day - no respect, no respect at all.) It's early membership was just me, but I enlisted Phoebe and Joan, Adrienne, and some other girls from the farm.  Some nights, though, it is still just me, which doesn't seem like much of a club, but I'm surviving.  Whatever it is called, and whatever night it is, and whoever shows up, it's working out to be a wonderful excuse to get out once a week and do what I love, riding horses.  The real question is, who wouldn't want to ride horses with me every Tuesday night???

The focus of my Tuesday Night Riding: Zephyr.  She's the incredibly small offspring of my beloved mare, Natasha.  She was supposed to be my horse for the rest of my life, but she turned out mini, so I am going to get her trained up and sold so that I can find my next dream horse. Once she's in shape and beautiful I will post pictures. After two months of Tuesday Night Riding Club she has stopped trying to buck me off, and she is doing so many many wonderful things, just like she should.  Too bad she's mini, or I might fall in love!

Wanna buy a pony?

Beyond TNRC (That's right, I've just created an acronym for my club. I'm the President, I can do what I want. I also just named myself President, just like that. Bam. President.  Wanna be the treasurer? Bam. Done.) I'm also managing to find time throughout the week to go out to see my horses.  I figure if I get one night a week on my own out there, I can find at least one other time to bring the boys out.  Last week we went with Renee and Rhiannon.   It was so fun. We rode Princess, a little Shetland pony that Eli has absolutely claimed as his own.  Rhiannon had no trouble falling madly in love with her, too.  There's nothing like watching a little girl discover horses for the first time!  I wish I had a million dollars, because I would buy her a special saddle so that she could really ride, and I would buy her a special horse (because as wonderful as Princess is, she isn't actually Eli's) and I would help her in the way I know how, the way that has helped me with so many things throughout my life. Rhiannon has Cerebral Palsy and while I know all the therapy she does is amazingly helpful, I think that riding would be incredible for her. Next time they come out I'm going to get a horse saddled up and see if I can't get her mommy, Renee, on a horse!!!  Can't wait!

 After spending the entire time in the Ergo, even Silas took a ride.


  1. that looks fun. next time we come for a visit, take my kids out to the farm to ride.
    i just love silas's haircut!

  2. My favorite part of this post are Eli's fireman "cowboy" boots! ;) Cute!

  3. Ok, not only do i want to be a member of the club but I want to be vice-president. BAM. Done. right???

  4. That Rhiannon is a sweetie, with a great name. I will add it to my girl list. What is this contraption that Silas is wearing? Did you make it? Do you sell them on your etsy store? Are you keeping up your store or did you abandon it for this new club? I don't see any links or mention of it. Do I get a givaway entry for this comment? Do I get bonus points for lots of questions?


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