14 October 2010

A Little Something

The whole family is sick this week, so not much fun to talk about.

But, on Tuesday night my sister in law Renee took me on a fabulous date to Cirque Du Soleil's Kooza.  It was fabulously wonderful. We dressed up, went out for dinner and to the show.  No pictures were allowed, but we sneaked this one in:

Also, I've managed to get the room organized enough to know where all my crafting supplies are, and even have finished a few projects.  This sweet hat needs a baby's head to warm:

Love?  Me too.

Oh, and I did buy a new book, new book, Knitting New Mittens and Gloves: Warm and Adorn Your Hands in 28 Innovative Ways, that I'm so excited to get started on.  Who's on my list for Christmas, and what's your hand size?


  1. Me- and I would say medium. I could really use a new pair of mittens... And I love you and your knitting ability....

  2. OK! Cutest hat ever! :) I love the rose on it! I'm so glad you were able to go to a circque show with your sister in law! It sounds like it was fantastic! I have yet to go to any of the 5 cirque shows here in Vegas. Lol! I definitely need to go before we move! :)

  3. is sneaked a work ms weibe?
    i love the hat

  4. I have always wanted a pair of homemade mittens! Let's trade talents and I'll make you something too!

  5. BTW, I had sooooo much fun Tuesday!


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