All about ME!

I like ketchup.  A lot.

One time, in grade seven, I jumped out the window in the middle of my English class.  I very likely got in a lot of trouble, but I can't remember such silly things.

Later I got a degree in English, and then I taught seventh graders.  I managed to keep all of them from jumping out of windows.

One year I taught at an all girls' school, for a woman who fancied herself a feminist.  She yelled at me once for telling my students that when I grew up I wanted to be a mom. I was pretty sure I could be whatever I wanted to be, even if that meant staying at home, cooking cleaning and wiping butts.  Sounded better than working for her! 

I showed her and became a mother - although I wouldn't call myself grown up, just yet. I divide my life in two parts: my life then, and my life now.  I like my life now!  Being a mom defines me, and I'm okay with that.  I'm a lot of pretty spectacular things, but the best of them all is being a mom to Eli, Silas and Atticus. 

In a perfect world I would live on a farm, wake up and collect eggs from my free-range chickens, spend my day teaching my children wonderful things, making beautiful crafts with them.  I'd have a nutritious dinner on the table for my family every day when my husband got home for work, a dinner I made from scratch from the stuff I grew and raised on my farm.  After the littles were asleep I would spend the evening creating beautiful things.  However, in the real world I live in a two bedroom condo with no yard at all, and with three little boys to entertain most days I am just trying to survive.  

I try to live my life very deliberately.  While it is sometimes exhausting, I feel that we shouldn't just do the little things we can, but everything we can to protect our children, ourselves and our earth from all the crap out there.  I believe in a whole lot of things, and I try very hard to walk the talk.

I believe in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
I believe in natural birth, that it's safe and in most cases the best option.
I believe in breastfeeding beyond infancy.
I believe in making informed decisions about vaccinations and healthcare.
I believe that baby boys are perfect and should be able to make their own choice about circumcision.
I believe in co-sleeping and baby wearing.
I believe our children should be treated with kindness, love and respect, always, not threatened with separation, coercion or harsh punishments. 
I am beginning to believe in learning at home, as I have committed to homeschooling my children and am delving into that world.
I believe in apologizing when I make mistakes ALL. THE. TIME.

I don't have many secrets, so if you have a question about me and the way I do things, feel free to ask.

Welcome to {hands full of happiness}, and please enjoy. 
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