All about ME!

Hi there!  My name is Jenny. Welcome to {hands full of happiness}!  I'm glad you stopped by.

This is not a craft blog. It is not a mommy blog. It is not a homeschool blog or a any other sort of blog. It is just a random assortments of things that are me.

I am a crafter, mostly interested in fiber arts, and by that I mean I knit All. The. Time.

I am a mommy. I have 6 amazing children, 1 daughter who came to us through public adoption, 4 incredible boys, and their little sister. 

I homeschool. It's challenging, rewarding and exhausting all at once, but I love it.

I am defined by my children in almost every way, and I'm totally okay with that.  Of all the spectacular things that I've done in my life, being a momma to my little flock is by far the best. 

Once I dreamed of living on a farm, and now I am living my dream!  We live in a forest in the Foothills of Alberta, Canada. We have chickens and dogs, and cats, and horses and I want more!  I try to teach my kids to know what it is to work hard.  I wake up in the morning and drink my tea on my porch and not see another house anywhere near.  

Because life isn't always idylic as we plan, I still dream of spending my days teaching my children wonderful things, making beautiful crafts with them, having a nutritious dinner on the table for my family every day, a dinner I make from scratch from the stuff I grew and raised on my farm, and after the littles are asleep I leisurely spending the evening creating beautiful things. 

I try to live my life very deliberately.  While it is sometimes exhausting, I feel that we shouldn't just do the little things we can, but everything we can to protect our children, ourselves and our earth from all the crap out there.  I believe in a whole lot of things, and I try very hard to walk the talk.

I believe in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
I believe in natural birth, that it's safe and in most cases the best option.
I believe in breastfeeding beyond infancy.
I believe in making informed decisions about vaccinations and healthcare.
I believe that baby boys are perfect and should be able to make their own choice about circumcision.
I believe in co-sleeping and baby wearing.
I believe our children should be treated with kindness, love and respect, always, not threatened with separation, coercion or harsh punishments. 
I believe in learning at home and allowing my children to learn at their own pace and according to their own interests.
I believe in apologizing when I make mistakes ALL. THE. TIME.

I don't have many secrets, so if you have a question about me and the way I do things, feel free to ask.

Welcome to {hands full of happiness}, and please enjoy. 

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