16 December 2017

Santa Came Early!!!

Santa was definitely not messing around this year. Not messing around at all.  He wasn't interested in bringing knick knacks or toys.  He was going for something epic. Truly epic.  So, surprising us all, he showed up 9 days early with an incredible gift for the whole darn family - and when I say WHOLE family, I really mean it!

Okay, my picture taking skills are really lacking these days, but give me a break - who would have expected a visit from Santa on December 16th? Not me.  We woke up to a room full of swimming suits, snorkel gear, and air plane tickets to Hawaii!!!  And, only 3 hours to pack and leave for the air port.  

Oh, and did I mention me being 33 weeks pregnant?  It's true.

But the fun didn't stop there. After a frantic morning of excited packing, we got to the airport, and what to our wondering eyes should appear, but 41 Evans's waiting for us there!!!

Yup, all 41 of us - my parents, their 8 kids and spouses, and 25 grandchildren.  Imagine, for a minute, what that flight to Hawaii was like?  Never mind the sheer numbers of us all, but the fact that we had woken up that morning to find out we were going to Hawaii for 10 days, and shown up at the airport to find out that we were going there with 41 of our favourite people.  I'll be honest, it was total madness.  Glorious, wonderful madness.

Again, my photography skills were severely lacking.

Oh Santa, you tricky devil - we love you so and your well laid plans.
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