26 October 2010

Pumpkin Carving and a Spidery Treat

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Now that that's over with:

Every Monday night we try to do Family Home Evening.  It's a chance to have at least one night a week to do something together as a family, learn about the gospel and usually have a good treat!  Last night Jared's sister Renee invited us over for dinner and to carve pumpkins.  After seeing this great idea for a Halloween treat, I volunteered to do the dessert, we packed up our pumpkin, and headed over to Renee's.

Spider web making. I'm apparently concentrating really hard!
Okay, not that hard.  I got the chocolate from Super Store, and it's organic, fair trade!  Nothing tastes better than chocolate NOT harvested by slave labour. 

Silas got his first taste of chocolate, and wasn't disappointed!

Then out came the pumpkins, the spoons and the knives, off came the shirts, and away we went.  Eli and Rhiannon picked the patterns for their pumpkins, and did a fine job of it, if I do say so myself! 

Bet you didn't know that one of my super human features is my ridiculously long tongue.  Well, now you know, and even have pictorial proof. The crazy eyes are on purpose, I swear!

The finished products.  Eli's is the one on top. 

I'm beginning to enjoy Halloween. Every year I warm up to it a little more. I think this was the first year I actually did the pumpkin carving (usually I leave it to Jared) and it was fun. Just imagine me, in a few more years, with a full spook alley in my front yard.  It could happen...


  1. Love your spiderwebs!! We made spiders our of Ritz crackers, cream cheese and long pretzels. But no chocolate was involved, so yours definitely win!

  2. You guys are such a cute family! :) Love the spider web idea! You are so creative Jenny! Shesh! I might just have to copy you on this one!

  3. We carved pumpkins yesterday too- we should have skyped or g-chatted... it would have been like we were there together... Wait for the post- its coming...

  4. Oh- and I love your jacket...

  5. I'm coming to your spook alley!! I've always loved Halloween for the dressing up but it's even more fun with kids. Rhiannon wanted to wear her cat costume to bed again last night. I told her she gets to wear it to school on Wednesday so she was ok with that! Thanks for the fun last night!

  6. I also meant to say that we got some really good pictures too!

  7. really cute pumpkins- love elis.
    please when you have a spooky alley, invite us over for a good scare.

  8. OH I love the spiders! I always say "fair trade chocolate is the only kind to use on spider pretzels" okay, I have never actually said that before...BUT I will make special effort to get fair trade when we most certainly make these!!!

  9. i can't believe how old si is getting!!!!! stop growing up!

  10. Lexi and I made our version of those spiderwebs today, it was fun! Thanks for the idea! Ours did not turn out nearly as cute as yours, but we had a blast doing it nonetheless. Thanks again!


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