15 October 2010

What a day for Leg Warmers!

It's snowing today. Snow.  The white fluffy stuff.  The COLD white fluffy stuff.  Why, oh why, did we move here? I love snow, but I'd love it more if it would only be around for, say, three months of the year.

Oh well, what can you do but bundle up and enjoy it.  I just finished a pair of girls' leg warmers last week, and it looks like it wasn't a moment to soon.  So, here's my niece, Marigold, strutting her stuff.

I had a little fight with the pompoms, and there is the fact that they are two different colours.  But, my Grandma always said that if it were perfect it would offend the angels, and I need all the angels I can get on my side!  Lesson learned though: dye lot matters!  I bought one skein in Rochester, Michigan, and another in Sandpoint, Idaho. Same colourway, different dye lot. Oh well, I still think they are cute.

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I am working on a pattern and a tutorial for these babies, and will post it as soon as I am done. Yeah for tutorials!


  1. can you make me a pair? like, the full, thigh-high legwarmers? i need them, even though it only snows 3 months of the year here...


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