28 October 2010

Avoidance Behaviour

So, tomorrow night at 7:00 pm I am committed to bringing Eli to our church's Trunk-or-Treat (we won't be Trick-or-Treating this year due to Halloween being on a Sunday) and I have yet to even decide what Eli and Silas are going to be for Halloween, let alone get a costume put together.  Honestly! (I said that in my head like my Grandma Jackson would say it, with total disgust for myself.)

Instead of thinking about costumes I spent the day scrapbooking, cutting out Halloween bats, and crocheting at Eli's swim lesson.  I did not spend the day thinking about costumes. 

Check out how useful my procrastination is though!

Only two had the pom poms and googly eyes, because that was our craft in Nursery last Sunday. The rest were just cut free hand, folded in half, and taped to the wall. I think the little bats made that wall into a spooktacular little corner!


  1. Awe, that's my Gwen!! Glad she could play with your boys today!! Love the bats!!

  2. Ahem. Many costumes at my house. All cute. Come.

  3. I love the bats! And I know that you will whip up a costme in no time! Because you are amazing!

  4. I thought about making bats.... but I was too busy with costumes....

  5. cute bats. im trying to figure out where in your house you hung those bats...


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