17 October 2010


I've picked a winner in my first of my 7 weeks of giveaways, and the winner is, picked by "Random dot Ben," my nephew:

Shannon at Evans Journal who just ran Mellisa's Road Race in Banff this weekend.  She didn't come in first, but I'm pretty sure she beat all the other mothers of five that ran!!!

Yeah, Shann. I'm so excited for you!  Contact me in the next  24 hours, and we will get it shipped to you.

Okay, let's be realistic, I'm just going to give it to you next time you are in town.  No shipping will happen with you, dear Shannon. Sorry about that!

Be sure to check back tomorrow for this weeks giveaway, and comment, comment, comment!  You could be next!


  1. YEAAAA! im so excited! i never win things!!!
    i cant wait to get that thing i won - sorry jen my brain cant remember what it is... the circle fall garland?.. please be that!
    and it wasent the melissa race, it was the ekiden relay race in banff. but it was equally as fun as the melissa im sure.

  2. i am trying not to be too disappointed...
    good work, shan, on running that race and...winning...
    ben. pick me next time. seriously. who's your favourite aunt...

  3. Holly, I assure you that favoritism was not an issue at all here (although Ben did say something about how glad he was that Shann won...) It was completely random. I put a bunch of numbers in a bowl, he picked one, and then I counted whose comment belonged to that number. Random dot Ben!


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