17 October 2010

I want this more than life itself!

Quite honestly, I think this bike is the greatest invention in LIFE, and I want it!

Madsen Cycles Cargo Bikes

No, really, if I only had a small fortune, I would spend it on this bike. Everything about it makes me happy. I would be just as pretty as that mom, too, if I only had this bike.  I wonder if she got bike grease on her pretty pants while taking this shoot.  I also wonder if those are her kids in the bucket.  I don't wonder what I would fill the bucket with if only I owned it: I would fill it with children, and food, and Winston, and happy garage sale finds and so much more.  One day it will be mine, one day!


  1. i want one, too! maybe, when we live together, we can pool and fill it with OUR children and OUR garge sale finds and OUR doggies.
    i think this is a great idea....

  2. You know I want one too... and have for a VERY LONG time...

  3. i love this!!! please do a giveaway with this bike.
    you would definatly be as pretty as that mom, even prettyier- and eli, and si would love every second of riding in that basket.

  4. I love her coat! Maybe I should make one...


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