27 March 2014

Anticipation - A Knitting Pattern

Here's another child's sweater pattern for you.  I knit this one up while I was pregnant with Machen, and I love it.  

Anticipation, a simple, versatile v-neck pullover with two options: rolled or ribbed hems. It is knit entirely in the round from the top down. The sleeves and v-neck are picked up and knit in the round as well.

It's sized for children newborn to 12 years, which makes it perfect for everyone.  You can head on over to Ravelry to see all the details and the projects from other knitters: 

Of course, if you just can't stop yourself, feel free to just buy it now:  

06 March 2014

Hawthorne - A Knitting Pattern

Here's a pattern that has been out for quite a while, but I have never posted it here on the ol' blog. I named this one Hawthorne, which was Atticus's name until he was 6 weeks old and we decided we liked Atticus better. Hawthorne is really the most perfect beginner project, as it is knit in garter stitch and there is no shaping or seaming. It couldn't get much simpler than that. It would also be perfect as a last minute baby gift, as it knits up extremely quickly.  You can make it with just three buttons as the top, as I have done, or put them all the way down the off-centered front.

This pattern can be yours!  Just click:  and you will be on your way to knitting a Hawthorne of your own!

You can check out other knitter's projects here: 

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