24 December 2011

The Stockings are Hung

And the Wiebes are nestled, all snug in our bed (well, most of them...)

Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a good night!!!

Merry Christmas from The Wiebes!

Dear Friends and Family (and the rest of the online world!):

I had every intention this year of sending out, via good ol' Canada Post, Christmas cards.  But alas, I didn't get around to it, so my neglected blog gets to be the medium of our Christmas greetings this year.

We have had a challenging, hectic, busy year, but have been so blessed through it all. We started the year still living at my parent's home, where we had been since we finished school in May, 2010.  Since May 2011 we have moved four times, finally, just three weeks ago, ending up in a condo in Cougar Ridge, in Calgary, where we intend to stay for a while.

Since graduation Jared has been working to become accredited in Canada. In May we packed up and moved to Victoria for Jared to attend Spring term at the University of Victoria. We moved back to my parents in July, and waited for the results of his course work.  Jared successfully gained accreditation and in August he started his first legal job as a Student at Law at a small firm in down town Calgary.  He is enjoying his work and really happy to be putting all his hard work to use. In October we moved our whole family into the one bedroom basement suite of a home we own. At the beginning of December we finally emptied our storage unit, with boxes unopened for 2 years, and moved permanently into our current home. 

This year I also completed my training to become a Doula (a professional birth attendant).  I have been so blessed to be a part of so many births. The miracle of birth continues to amaze me, and working as a doula is a perfect way to put my passion for empowering birth to use.

I still have horses, which I try to ride as much as possible, but not nearly as much as I would like to.  They bring me a lot of joy, not to mention good exercise!

Both boys are growing far too fast.  Eli is as busy as can be, constantly on the move, gathering all sorts of treasures for "projects."  He is such a caring, loving boy, and a wonderful big brother.  He is so smart, always impressing adults around him at ability and willingness to share his knowledge. His favourite colour is "golden,"  he loves his mommy, daddy and Silas, LEGO, and his pony, Princess.

Silas is a constant joy in our little family.  Although he is the spiting image of his father, he seems to be developing the strong will of his mother!  He does exactly what he wants, when he wants, and refuses to be rushed into anything by anyone.  His language development continues to amuse the rest of us, with Eli being his greatest interpreter.  In the last three months he has potty trained, weaned, and begun sleeping in his own room, sharing a bed with his big brother. We can't believe how big our baby is getting.

Speaking of babies... we are expecting Wiebe #3 in the new year.   Due in April, we are especially glad to finally be settled in our own home, because we are planning to have a home water birth, attended by the wonderful midwife who was with us for Eli's birth. We are not finding out what we are having, and will be thrilled no matter what. (And yes, I'm still riding horses, even though I'm pregnant!)

We hope that everyone has been blessed as much as we have been this year.  Despite the craziness of our lives, we have been able to take a few minutes this season to contemplate just how blessed we are to have a loving Father in Heaven and Saviour, Jesus Christ, as Jared and I played Mary and Joseph in the Heritage Park Nativity Pageant this past week.  Tonight, as we act out a far less professional version of the same story, with Jared's extended family, we hope our children will also be able to feel the real spirit of Christmas, the spirit of Christ.

Blessings to you all,

Jared, Jenny, Eli and Silas

18 December 2011

Candy Cane Cookies

Okay, one reason I haven't been blogging of late (other than the fact that I haven't had internet in my home for two months, I've moved twice since October, I'm 23 weeks pregnant, and it is the Christmas season, which means I'm ridiculously busy...) is because I have been cooking (and a little un-cooking) up a storm!  Believe me, the creations coming from my kitchen have been delectable.  For the first time in years I actually succeeded at whipped shortbread.  I don't think Michigan was meant for shortbread, but Calgary sure is. I've gotten most of my recipes from cookbooks, but I did want to share with you one little specialty that Eli and I created, straight from the kitchen of the Wiebes!

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Candy Cane Cookies (ya, we're working on a more concise name)

Trust me, these are delicious!

So, here you have it, my none to brilliant, but totally addicting method.  First of all, pick your favourite oatmeal cookie recipe.  It really doesn't matter which one. If the recipe calls for raisins, nix them and add chocolate. Lots of chocolate.  And candy canes.  Who doesn't love candy canes?  I bough a pack of die and HFCS free ones, so I even feel like these cookies are healthy (ha!). Then, while the cookies are cooking, use a bit of the crushed candy canes you used in the cookies to make a glaze.  While they are still hot poor a little glaze on each cookie, wait for them to cool, and ENJOY!!! Seriously, you won't regret it.

So, while you probably can find a oatmeal cookie recipe all of your own, here's the one I used, with the Christmas modifications:

1 cup butter
1 cup packed brown sugar
1 egg
2 cups WW Flour
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp salt
2 cups rolled oats 
1 cup chocolate chips
6 crushed candy canes - divided

In blender mix - 
Remainder of your candy canes
1 1/2 cups of icing sugar
3-4 tbsp milk (you want it thin enough to drizzle)

Cream butter and brown sugar.  Mix in egg.  Sift together flour, BS and salt, and slowly add to mixture. Mix in oats.  Once well combined mix in chocolate chips and most of the candy canes (I pulsed mine in my blender until they were in small pieces.  Then I dumped most of them into the cookie mixture, leaving a little and all the powdered stuff in the blender to make the glaze.)   

Form into balls and flatten.  Cook at 350 degrees for 10 minutes.  Remove from oven and transfer to cooling rack.  While still warm, drizzle the glaze over each cookie.  Wait for it to cool and ENJOY!!!

I promise to update a little more on the Christmas happenings of the Wiebes.  Stay posted, and enjoy this last week before Christmas!

24 November 2011

Catch up

Kay, let's pretend I haven't been sick all week with no motivation to blog (not, I have been grateful, I just haven't felt like blogging.)
So, today I play catch up:

#18 - I am grateful for my dad and husband who went out in -17 degree weather to pick up my new-to-me couch and drop it off at our new house.  Yeah!!!

#19 - I am grateful for my father-in-law, who despite my ignorance of all his tools lets me use his wood shop to make all sorts of things.  We spent Saturday working on the boy's Christmas present, which I'm so excited for.  Another afternoon or two and it will be ready for the big night!

#20 - I am grateful for my sister Chloe, who despite my crankiness stands in the cold for two hours to take family pictures. 

#21 - This is silly, but I am grateful for Avatar.  No, not the blue people, but the cartoon, "Avatar: The Last Airbender."  I was so sick that day and Avatar allowed me to get in an extra nap.

#22 - I am grateful for good health. Especially after being sick, it feels so much better to feel better, even if it's just a little bit.

#23 - I am grateful for my mom and her house (which Silas still yells "My house" every time we drive up to it).  We spent the day Christmas decorating, listening to Roger Whittaker, and enjoying the season, and I loved it!

#24 - And, back to the present, today I am very thankful for the condo we will be living in this time next week. The basement suite is getting a little cramped, and with no furniture, keeping it clean is like keeping a garden clean in the middle of a hurricane.  I love the condo, and I don't even live their yet!

18 November 2011

Egg Nog and Mandarin Oranges

Today I am most thankful for egg nog and mandarin oranges.  Actually, each of these deserves it's own day, but I'll throw them together and love them all the more.  I'm also grateful that they are only available for 2 months of the year, because otherwise I may take them for granted and not be aware of just how wonderful they are.  I think next year I am going to have to save up for a Egg Nog and Mandarin orange budget, because at $5 a carton and a box, we go through a lot of these Christmas joys.

17 November 2011

Growing Up

Yes, I am 31 years old, I do have two kids and one on the way, I do own two houses and am married to a lawyer.  Still, there are some moments where I feel like I've just grown up a little bit more.  Today was one of those moments.  Being the 5th child of 8, I tend to get a lot of hand me downs.  Awesome! I love it.  Still, today, for the first time in our 7 year marriage, I bought my own couch.  Perhaps this is the first piece of significant furniture I have actually bought (I'm not counting the $150 Ikea kitchen table).  We started with couches from my sister Megan, which were my mother's before her.  The set was mismatched, because she had started recovering, and only gotten half way.  Then I decided to do the same, and only got as far as the pillows, so they were actually covered in three different fabrics. They were awesome.  Then, when we left for Michigan my mom gave us her 10 year old faded blue jean couches. They are actually really nice, but now they are 14 year old REALLY faded blue jean couches, and I'm afraid they won't look very nice in our nice new condo.  So, yesterday I took a big step and went out and bought a new-to-me leather couch.  Okay, so I got it for a song off Kijiji (I love Kijiji!) but still, no one gave it to me, and I feel so grown up.  I'm grateful for the moments of independence and grown-up-ness, and I'm grateful for the potential in the next few years of becoming even more so, with Jared working and all....

16 November 2011


I had an appointment with my midwives this morning. I am always grateful for the fact that I am able to deliver my babies with midwives.  Despite the less than ideal birth experiences that I have had, the fact that I have had midwives have saved the day both times.  I am excited to be planning another homebirth and am grateful for midwives that don't balk when I tell them for the third month in a row that no, I haven't gotten my blood work done, that no, I am not going to fill out the diet form telling them everything I've eaten for a week, that no, I don't want them to use the doppler to hear the baby's heart beat, and that no, I will not be having an ultrasound, even though I am 18 weeks pregnant.  I LOVE MIDWIVES!

15 November 2011


I am grateful for the skills I can have that can help provide for our family while things are a little tight this year. I am teaching Speech Arts to a homeschool group, and it has been great for so many reasons. I make a little money doing something that is very easy for me, and I really enjoy working with teenagers again.  Don't get me wrong, I love being at home with my boys, but I also loved teaching junior high before kids. I am grateful for the opportunity to teach again.  It is fun!

14 November 2011


Today I am grateful that very shortly we will be in a home that we will be able to stay in for a while!  We will be moving into our condo in Cougar Ridge in just two weeks.  I can't wait. I've never wanted to live in a condo, to HAVE to walk my dog, to share yard space, but this will be our first real home since we left Michigan 2 years ago, and I am going to love it!  In fact, I can't wait.  Anyone want to help us empty our storage unit...?

13 November 2011

I Belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Today we attended church in Westmond, Idaho.  I love the ward here and every time I go I am grateful for my membership in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  No matter where we've visited or lived in the world: Idaho, Michigan, Jerusalem, France, and so many other places, the church is the same. The gospel is true all over the world.  I am constantly blessed and always grateful for that constant in my life, and the blessings it brings me.

12 November 2011


On a Saturday away from the rush and push of every day life, with my family, it is easy to be grateful for this relationship in my life.  Each of my boys deserves a thankful day of their own, but today I am grateful for them as a unit.  The family I have is more wonderful than I ever thought possible.  I am so thankful that I get to be a part of such an amazing family!

11 November 2011

Remembrance Day

Today I am thankful for all those who have fought with honour for freedom, across the world.  Today I wear my poppy with pride.  Today I will take a minute to sit in silence and think of those who have fought and died so that I can live free.  I will also think and pray for those who are not yet free, and presently fighting in far away places.  Sometimes it's easy to think all the world is as wonderful as my world, but there are people fighting every day to enjoy what I do.  Today I am grateful for my life here in Canada, for my ability to choose the things I want to do, and for all those who have made it possible for me.

10 November 2011


Today it is very easy to be thankful for Sandpoint, and my parent's cabin there.  We have run from our lives for a weekend, and are spending the long weekend in Sandpoint.  Sandpoint is special, because it's a place where we can go to do absolutely nothing. Sometimes I like doing nothing.  Now, we will surely be doing a little something, like Christmas shopping, while we are here, but somehow even shopping is less stressful in Idaho.  Here's to a great long weekend!

09 November 2011


Today is one of the surely last days of fall.  The snow from last week has all but melted and the leaves, which we didn't rake up before the snow, are dry and crunchy.  Perfect for raking, jumping in, raking again, and depositing in a garbage bag!  I am grateful for autumn, however fleeting it may be here in Canada.  I will always miss Michigan autumns, but since I'm here, I will enjoy what little bit of it I can.

08 November 2011


Can I be grateful for the fact that Silas is talking?  Well, I am.  Just in the last few weeks Silas has really decided that talking is a much better way of communication than grunting or yelling, and let me tell you, it is wonderful. It has fully assisted in our most recent accomplishment, potty training.  It provides countless moments of entertainment, like every time he feels cold and cries out, "Cold-y, cold-y." He says every word like it is a whole sentence of it's own: "Egg.  Milk.  More.  Please."  He also loves egg nog, but calls it egg. milk.  He sometimes (often) does things just because he knows the word for it: like when he puts things "Back."  just because he knows "back," or when he asks for water constantly, just because he knows the word "water."  I love the boy no matter what, but I'm really loving watching him discover language!

07 November 2011


Today my Aunt Nancy posted about how thankful she is for her son, who is on a mission.  Well, today I am also thankful for my cousin Ethan, and all the other boys who are strong and faithful and are such good examples to my boys, including their own older cousins.  In today's world it is easy to follow the world and make choices that aren't necessarily what God wants, but there are so many that are making good choices, and I will be forever thankful to them and the example that they are setting for my children.

06 November 2011

Happy 40th Anniversary, Mom and Dad!!!

Today my parents celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary!  So, naturally, today I can't help but declare just how thankful I am for them.  I could go on and on about all the wonderful things they have done for me over my entire life, but let's just stick with the last year.  Just a few weeks ago we moved out of their basement and into our own, but for a year and a half before that my parents welcomed my entire family into their home while Jared was getting accredited in Canada and finding a job.  Every time I tell people that they cringe, like living with parents would naturally bad thing, but honestly, it was wonderful.  My boys, who had spent their short lives in Michigan before that, didn't know their grandparents at all, and living with them allowed them to really get to know and love them.  Both boys are just as happy with Bumpa and Grandma as they are with us.  Mom and I did the whole Raw Food thing together, which was awesome, because honestly, eating raw requires a LOT of kitchen prep, and I had my mom to do it all with.  My mom and dad are so loving and generous, and we would not have survived the last year and a half without them.  So, today, on their 40th wedding anniversary, I am most grateful for them!!!

05 November 2011

Craft Fair with Renee

Today I am infinitely thankful for my sister in law, Renee.  We participated in a Christmas craft fair today to sell some of our wares, and we had so much fun.  We didn't sell a whole lot, but we paid for our expenses, got rid of a few of the things we had, and made a bit extra to boot.  I've still got a bunch of hats, so if anyone is looking for some, and you're in the Calgary area, let me know: I'm selling them cheap!

Anyway, back to Renee.  I love her.  She is Jared's oldest sister and one of my best friends.  We have so much fun together crafting, and cooking, and talking while we should be crafting and cooking.  She is always happy for me to drop by and stay all day, and Eli just loves her girls.  She is an incredible seamstress (she made my wedding dress, and both boys' blessing suits) and a wealth of information on such things. In short, I love her and am grateful that we have become such good friends and will always be happy that she is part of my family. 

04 November 2011


Today I am thankful for snow.  I love snow.  Today we had the first real snow fall of the year. It was beautiful.  Eli looked outside and said, "Does that mean it's Christmas?!"  Then he spent a good hour outside playing in it.  Snow makes everything beautiful.  I have even bought myself a nice maternity snow coat, and found a free pair of snowpants I am going to make into maternity pants.  I am ready for the winter, and excited for the snow. 

03 November 2011

Sold to the Lady in the Second Row

Today I am thankful for horses.  I sold one of my babies today.  My pony, Zephyr, who was supposed to grow up to be my forever steed, but never really grew UP.  She was miniature, which was quite wonderful for many reasons, but not the life long companion I was looking for.  So, today I finally found her a forever family.  So, I'm down to just one horse.  I think the only other time I've owned just one horse was when I first bought Magic, another one who never really grew UP and had to be sold because of it. 

In any case, I can never express just how much the horses in my life mean to me, and all the relationships I've built because of the horses in my life. When I'm on a horse's back I am happy.  That's it.  It makes me happy.  This morning, as I rode across the field, bareback, 16 weeks pregnant, in the crisp November air, I realized for the umpteenth time just how much I love what I have. 

02 November 2011

A Thankful November

Kay, so I'm a few days late, but this month my wonderful friend Sarah challenged me to blog every day about something I am thankful for.  Finding things I am thankful for is easy, there are a lot of things to be thankful for.  Sitting down to blog about it will be the challenge. Who wants to join us???

So, today I am obviously thankful for Sarah!  More than 4 years ago, when I first moved to Michigan, Sarah was the first person I met.  She was nursing her baby in the Mother's room during Sacrament Meeting at church when I went in to nurse Eli, who was only 11 weeks old.  Our babies were born just a day apart: instant connection! I don't remember a whole lot about that conversation, but I do remember that she asked me if I had a pediatrician and what schedule I had Eli on.  Kay, maybe only she and I will think it funny that those two things came up, but trust me, it is funny.  Anyway, she was called as my visiting teacher with Irina Jamieson (who deserves a thankful day all of her own) and soon became a kindred spirit (she'll also totally catch the literary reference of that.) 

Today, almost two years since I left Michigan, Sarah still keeps me sane, checks up on me, and makes me feel loved!  She drives halfway across the country with a six week old baby just to meet up with us.  Eli still declares that his favourite cousins are her Ava and Violet.  I love her so much and will always, always be grateful that we ran into each other nursing our babies all those years ago!

01 November 2011

One last Halloween Post

Well, in the end, Eli decided he wanted to be a Power Ranger.  So, in the end I frantically put together the pre-planned costume and we went trick or treating.  Silas switched it up too, since it was cold and he needed something we could fit over his winter snow suit.

 And the aftermath, complaining of headaches and intense need for water, both boys are scavenging for what will be kept and what will be tossed.  

31 October 2011

Happy Halloween!

As I write this Halloween post, I might just be listening to my Christmas play list on iTunes.  But look how well I've done!  The Wiebe children have costumes and look adorable.  Silas and Eli are both super heroes.  Silas costume is almost perfect, except the rubber boots that I went out and bought specially for the costume, and spray painted perfectly silver, never did dry, so red boots it is.  Eli's costume, on the other hand, is a work of art.  Despite my best negotiation skills, at the last minute Eli decided that he didn't want to be the Blue Power Ranger, and that he wanted to put together his own costume.  So, just that he did.  A skull shirt, a super hero cape, a batman mask, a different BabyLeg on each appendage, and his costume was complete.  He wouldn't hear of me making suggestions, and just as well, because he looked adorable. We went to a Halloween party/Trunk or Treat at Auntie Renee's church, and it was fun.  Of course, tonight it won't matter what their costumes are, because they will be bundled up in snow gear (that's right, we got our first snow last night!) So, enjoy the costumes in all their glory right now.

Renee made Eli's cape (It's got a giant yellow "E" on it) last year, and last week we threw together Silas's, with a silver "S" on the back. I've got to convince her to do a guest post with a tutorial, because I think every kid needs their very own super hero cape, and they are super easy.

 Jared was the robber, and the boys were the super heroes that stopped him from stealing all the candy.

And there you have it.  A Wiebe family Halloween in all it's glory.  Tonight we will hit a few houses, and tomorrow we will dress up one more time for the 4th Annual Evans Centre Halloween Candy Buy Back at my dad's dental office to get rid of all the candy.  And the next day... Christmas begins!!!

28 October 2011

Halloween is Upon Us!

Well, if you remember, I'm not the biggest Halloween fan.  Halloween just gets in my way of celebrating Christmas.  It's a good thing I'm not American, because American Thanksgiving and I would not get along.  Thanksgiving in October, that's what I'm thankful for.  Anyway, we've been trying to get in the ghoulish spirit this year. I've actually thought about costumes before October 30th, and we carved pumpkins with plenty of time for them to get all saggy and such.  I've made two Halloween inspired meals, which I didn't take pictures of, sorry.  Last night we even bundled up in the chilly October evening to go to "Ghoul's Night Out" at Heritage Park.  It was a lot of fun, despite the cold. 

Silas and Rhiannon got head lamps.  I loved it because you could always see where Silas was looking, because it was lit-up!

And proof of our pumpkins! Can you guess which on I made and which one Jared made?  
So, here's to Halloween.  Maybe one day I will love it. This year I am learning to enjoy it!

20 October 2011

Silas has an announcement...

He's proud to say that in April he's going to be a
That's right, the Wiebe family is adding to the global population crisis, and sometime in April we will be welcoming a new baby!!!  Yesterday the boys and I went to our midwives, who heard the baby's heartbeat.  I am 14 weeks pregnant, and happy to feel human again. 

Yes, we will be having a home birth.  No, I won't be getting an ultrasound to find out what we're having.  No, I'm not trying for a girl, I will be thrilled with another boy.  And yes, we are all so, so excited!!!

And, in case you were wondering, Eli is equally as proud:

03 October 2011

Update on the Wiebes

Hello all.  So sorry it's been so long.  This life of mine has just been a little hectic as of late, and blogging has been last on my list of to-dos. Two years ago I would never have expected to STILL be living in my parent's basement.  And I promise, we've been trying to find our way out.  As of today (ask me again tomorrow) we are actually going to be moving in the next few weeks to the one bedroom basement suite we own.  It is just temporary, until our tenants in our condo move out, but it is time to fly the roost, even if our new roost isn't ideal.  I'm dying to have a permanent abode, to decorate and call my own.  Oh well, another few months and it will be so.

In the mean time, good things are happening.  Just two weeks ago this little guy turned 2!!!

Oh how I love him.  He's such a joy in our family.  He is fearless, never hesitating to follow his older brother and cousins wherever they may go.  He jumps everywhere he goes.  He is talking so well, trying out new words constantly.  He loves his daddy and almost every morning while eating breakfast cries, "Daddy, gone?!"  In the last few weeks we have moved both boys out of our bed and into their own room, and Silas loves it.  While Eli almost certainly crawls into bed with us sometime in the night, Silas usually sleeps a whole 12 hours in his big bed, only crawling in with me in the morning when he wants "mo"!  That's right, he is still nursing, and when I ask him if he wants some "mo" he usually squeals with delight, "Yeah!"  I love it!  He loves dressing up.  He has spent most of the last two weeks dressed as Buzz Lightyear (just like his big brother did at the same age.)  He loves pirates and whenever he sees any pirate paraphernalia he yells "Arggg!" He is strong willed and confident, and I hope those traits will help him grow to be a righteous, obedient boy. Eli says that he loves that "Silas likes to play with me."  Silas is such a blessing in our lives, and we are so grateful to have him around.  Happy birthday, little man!

 Silas is lucky enough to share a birthday with his cousin Charlie.  This year Charlie turned 8, and therefore got baptized into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We spent both their birthdays at the baptism.  I can't think of a thing I'd rather do.  I love that both my boys have cousins that are such good examples of righteousness to them.

 Silas also is just two weeks younger than his cousin Nixon, who came to visit us for a few days this month.  It was so much fun to see them play, and dress up in their new birthday costumes. These two will be a riot in a few more years.  I can't wait to see them!

So that's it. Maybe I will get around to posting a few more of our September adventures.  I've justified not journalling the last few years because of this blog, and recently I haven't even been blogging.  I promise to get on it!

14 September 2011

Hi-Ho, The Derry O

The farmer built a fence!

Last weekend we had a work day at the farm.  Jack had a fence, which I didn't take any before pictures of, but which was about the most derelict fence you've ever seen.  You see, for years it was a fence that kept goats in... or rather, a fence which tried to keep goats in.  There were so many pieces of this and that just holding the fence together.  First we tore the old fence down, replaced a few posts, and strung new, clean, sharp wire!  It was a fun day, and the boys were great helpers.

Eli spent most of his time with Jack doing real man's work!

Silas was quite content to hammer.  He wore through his plastic, Home Depot hammer and moved on to a real one. 

And after five hours we had a fresh new fence, just for Jack.  Most of you can't appreciate just how nice it is, but trust me, it's nice.  Here's to no barb wire incidents this month...

09 September 2011

31 Years

Let me tell you something, turning 31 is not nearly as awesome as you think.  30, while it meant I was getting older, was kind of novel, kind of cool.  I mean, it had been a whole 10 years since I'd entered into a new decade.  People notice 30, whether they think it's awesome, or feel sorry for you.  31 on the other hand just cements the 30s in, without any of the radness.  When I was 10, my aunt Nancy had New Kids on the Block call me and sing their Happy Birthday song to me. I cried.  Didn't happen on my 31st. 

Still, it wasn't a half bad day.  I got to hang out with my Russell nephews and niece.  We burnt two entire batches of zucchini muffins, which were supposed to be my birthday cake.  I ruined the cream cheese icing, which I went out specifically to buy the ingredients for and ended up getting hit in the parking lot of Safeway in my brand new (to me) minivan.  Still, we ate the muffins, I ignored the dent, and I got sang to, not by the New kids, but by a bunch of kids I love so much more.

In the evening we went to our churches annual "Corn Bust."  I like corn.  I like busting.  It worked out.

And, when we got home, I opened my present from Jared, and couldn't have been happier:

My toes liked turning 31.  I will wear them everywhere.

06 September 2011

Labour Day Labour

I was quite determined to get out and get physical with my family this Labour Day.  So, on Monday morning we headed out bright and early for Banff National Park to hike Johnson's Canyon.  We invited the masses, but only Jared's mom and sister Renee and her family came along.  Everyone else missed out, let me tell you, it was a blast!

 Here we are, after the hike.  We wanted to go all the way to the ink pots, but I've been sick as a dog for two weeks and just didn't have the energy, and while Eli was a real trooper, but was pooped by the upper falls.  5.2 km wasn't bad for either of us. Plus, I helped push my niece Rhiannon in her wheelchair most of the way up to the lower falls.
Not sure what face Jared is making here, but Eli is showing where we hiked. He was pretty proud. 

It was crazy busy, so we didn't get a chance to get a big group shot, but I did get a few gooders. 

And afterward, as a reward, we drove out to Lake Louise and got icecream.  The boys couldn't have been happier!

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