12 November 2012

Thankful November 9

As my family gathered together to celebrate Grandpa, I couldn't help but hurt for my sweet grandma.  Grandma and grandpa were married for almost 70 years!  They were sweethearts that whole time, and oh so sweet to each other. I love my Grandma Betty and hope that her heart is warmed with the knowledge of the gospel and the Plan of Salvation that assures her that she will be with my Grandpa again in the next life. I am so thankful for my Grandma, and so blessed to call her mine.  No matter what, I've always known that my Grandma is proud of the things I do.  She was always good for a handful of scotch mints, some hot cocoa, and a warm hug. She was the one that taught me to knit, a skill I can't being to tell her how grateful I am for. I love her so much!


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