02 November 2012

Thankful November 2

Today is a no brainer:
I'm a horse lover.  In my day I was a horse rider, but lately I have regressed into a horse owner (two completely different things.) I own two beautiful mares that I love oh so much, but with three little ones, I have very little time to ride them.  So, today I am grateful for, not my horses, but the friends that take care of them for me while I'm at this place where I feel I can't.  Alie, who on a cold day like today is out trying to catch my miserable mares to get their feet done. She takes such good care of them all the time.  Without Alie, I would not have horses (or, I'd have to actually pay attention to them...) Adrienne, who I can't even begin to describe how helpful she is. She's my best friend, and while we differ on our opinions of what makes a great horse, she is my inspiration and my motivation.  I love her!  And, most importantly, one of my favourite families of all time, the Rymans, who have allowed me to love them, and love me in return, and help me out in ways that I will never be able to repay.  They are the most wonderful of all!!! 


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