29 May 2011

Never Cry over Spilled Soap

Silas is such a helpful boy. When he sees a problem, like a dirty kitchen floor, he tackles it head on.  Like the evening he emptied an entire bucket of dishwasher soap across the kitchen floor.  His sweet cousin Mari was an accomplice, but she got off easy because, well really, who could blame a face like that? And let's face it, Silas has never been known for his ability to resist dumping whatever he can find.  When I came around the corner and said, "What's going on here?"  Mari started crying immediately. She knew she was in trouble.  Silas, on the other hand started laughing and pointing at his art work. I said, "No one move, I need my camera."  By the time I got back Mari was really sure she was dead meat, and Silas was still laughing.  There was soap everywhere, including in the dark recesses of his diaper. At least the floor is clean!

Here he is actually trying to clean it up.  He was so cute, clutching the soap in his sweaty fists and dropping minute amounts back in the bucket.  


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