14 May 2011

I’d Like to Be Under the Sea

Wow. Maybe it’s because I am seeing all these things through the eyes of my 3 year old, but every day we spend here I find I am more and more in awe over how incredible our world is. 

Eli literally asks every day if we can go to the beach.  He would rather dig for crabs than almost anything else. So many days we've found ourselves on the beach, and on this particular day, dig for crabs we did!  We actually went on a great little educational tour, where we went fishing for all sorts of sea life in the tide pools and shallow waters.  It was cold out, but so much fun!

Check out Jared’s outfit?!  Ya, we did not come prepared.  Eli is so incredibly cute.  We’ve done a bunch of the group tours, and Eli is perfectly happy to just shove past all the bigger people and get right in on the action. As long as he knows we’re near, he is totally part of everything that’s going on. I love that kid!

Eli’s pants are actually not that colour. He fell in the mud on the hike to the beach. We’re over it.

And this one says it all:


  1. Okay, Jared's outfit is hilarious!! This last picture is amazing Jenny.

  2. Sounds like so much fun!
    And Jareds outfit is rockin ;p That was the first thing I saw!

  3. I too love the last picture- but I do have a request- could you please stop eli from growing up so fast? It reminds me that Ruby is too....


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