15 May 2011

Throw that skalleywag in the brig!

I'm not sure how I feel about the fact that I have been to the eastern most point of Canada, and the western most point, and on both those points they have abandoned naval bases.  While I agree that Canada's threat is minimal, I've seen the run down remains of Canada's coastal defenses, and we don't stand a chance against an army of mosquitoes!  I didn't lose sleep over it though, so I guess I'm not that worried.

We went to see the remains of Fort Rod this week, Canada's Pacific defense.  Eli thought it was great and as he says, "I love weapons."

So does Jared.

Pretty sure they just forgot these behind.

Whenever I see places like this, I often wonder what it must have been like in it's hey day.  I can't even imagine what some of the spaces would have been for. Like this, for instance:

We even sneaked through the fences (like I said, mosquitoes) and went shell hunting on the beach.


Then, in the same park there was a old lighthouse we got to explore.  While I think remains of war are interesting, I LOVE lighthouses!  This one was pretty cool.


I think I would have made a great lighthouse keeper.  Eli would make a great captain, once he grows a few inches so he can see over the helm (is it called a helm?):

All in all, another exciting day here on Vancouver Island.  What will we see tomorrow?


  1. i love pirates! and don't you go crab hunting in the dark with buckets? that's what i've heard, anyways...

  2. Just reading a book about WWII. Very intense. Even reading, I can't imagine what it was really like.
    So where did you find out about all these things? Cause I'm thinking Calgary must have some cool stuff I've never seen!


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