02 June 2011

Fashion Emergency

I went to the mall tonight. I never got to the mall.  I especially never go to the mall without my kids, which means I never go to the mall and actually look around.  Tonight I did.  And, I didn't like what I saw.  First of all, I saw that while I have always fancied myself a pretty fantastic fashionista, I don't have a single item in my wardrobe that could be considered new and hip.  Seriously.  My wardrobe 90% of the time is jeans and a t-shirt.  That's it.  I try to wear cute t-shirts, not over-sized, make my body look like a square, t-shirts, but still, it's just jeans and a t-shirt. My attempt at 'the summer of no pants' is failing dismally, and my self esteem after window shopping tonight is following it.  So, what's a girl to do? Problem number one, we have no money to deal with my suddenly pressing fashion emergency, so really, short of ripping up the clothes I own to create new wonders, shopping will continue to be a futile experience.  Problem number two, I'm afraid I just don't have it any more. I wouldn't even know where to start.  Maybe I should start ripping up?  Maybe I should pray for a giant bag of barely worn hand-me-downs from a rich relative to land on my head?  Maybe I should just go wash my jeans so I can wear them again tomorrow?


  1. I stumbled upon a yard sale last summer where a teenage girl in front of a million plus dollar home was selling clothes and purses. She had a table and a heap of clothes in front of her. No change, no signs...just her, her lawn chair and her phone that she texted on the whole time. She was selling her clothes because her dad told her she couldn't get any more until she cleaned out her closet and gave to proceeds to a charity.
    I picked up arm fulls of the hippest "teen" clothes of 2010 (which should still pass for semi cool in 2011) for $20.00 (it would seem she isn't overly charitable and she shoved my offer into her pocked without even looking up). Giddy all the way home...(I think that was the week that I admitted I didn't know who lady gaga was...) at my new possibilities of being fashionable once again (ignoring the size labels on the tags of course...) they sit in a box waiting for me this summer...when maybe I will be able to squeeze those size 2's over my not so size 2 thighs....

    Good luck in your fashionista challenge (plus you are shopping at a very hip mall (the Eatons center downtown Vic?) so that is a hard one to compete with...

  2. I need to go thru my closet and get rid of stuff that doesn't fit me anymore. I'm guessing there might be some stuff that fits you (skinny lady). I'll pass on anything that is cute (there's a lot of not so cute stuff that I'll not pass on!). So, I'm not a rich relative, but I'm sure not wearing everything in my closet!

  3. Maybe it's an age thing, but I just went through the same experience. The funniest thing is that I was just telling people I just need hand-me-downs. I think my 13 year old sister-in-law is close to growing out of some of her stuff. I keep dropping hints. Pathetic. Good luck.


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