04 May 2011

How To Pick Up and Move Across the Country in 5 Days

Or, Too Stressed to Take Pictures, So This is All You Get

The last five days could not have been more stressful. But, I am writing this from the hotel we stayed at in Abbotsford, BC.  We are only 4 hours away from our destination (assuming we make the ferry on time) and I am feeling good.

So, wanna know how to do it?

1. Make sure your car is in working order. Of course, if your back breaks have needed to be replaced for the past two years, do not attempt driving. Instead, spend an entire day changing them.  Get lots of help from your three-year-old, so it is done well, and enjoy!

2. Agree to take care of your friend's three children the weekend that you are on call for a birth that is a week overdue, and when you get called to that birth, leave those three kids, plus your own two, with your husband for 15 hours, two days before the move in question.

3. Pack up everything you think you might need in a city you don't know, with a climate you aren't familiar with, and hope you don't forget anything.  But know, it doesn't really matter anyway, because it wouldn't fit anyway!

4. Understand that driving so far in a huge Suburban, while definitely more comfortable, will definitely cost more money to do so. So, load up your little car fuller than it's ever been, pile in, an GO!!!

Um, I think that about covers it. Any questions?


  1. I miss you! I'm sad I didn't get to come say goodbye, but it sounds like you'll be back before we know it. I have lots to talk to you about :) Love you!

  2. ummmm- you forgot the part about ignoring any texts or calls from your friends who were willing to offer help!!!! I'm sad that we missed you and that we will be gone before you get back....

  3. That little car still looks great! Have a great time on the Island.

  4. Well if you had longer you would have just stressed for longer! Does that make it all better?
    And, Andy misses Eli a LOT. Keeps asking when he's coming back.


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