19 May 2011

People Are Good

Yesterday I called for help for the people of Slave Lake, Alberta, who have been displaced from their homes because of wild fires on Sunday.  It's been amazing to see how people have come together to offer that help.  I've had phone calls and emails and visits to my home from people who want to help.  I love being able to watch it!

For those looking for an update, the town of Slave Lake has released a damage assessment of the town.  Being the technical genius that I am, I can't figure out how to put the image on the blog, but go to this link, and you will see it. Katey's home, luckily, is green. Green is good on this map.  The light pink is okay too, it just means taht your house is damaged, but it's still there.  The darkest pink: bad.  Those houses aren't actually there any more. They're gone. Destroyed.  Katey's is green.  That's good. But, here's the image showing you just how close she was to being pink.

See where the little computer hand is?  (Yes, I took a picture of my computer screen - maybe I am a genius.) That's where Katey's house is. Dark pink on one side, light pink on the other.  Katey said that the tree outside of her house is still standing and green.  However, no one has been back in to see the state of the contents within.  Smoke can be terribly damaging.

Looking at that damage assessment, you can see just how much need there is in Slave Lake.

If you missed it, I'm collecting donations for the people in Slave Lake.  Katey, specifically, and beyond her family, the entire community.  Katey's husband is in a position to be able to distribute the donations, so you know it will go to those in need. You can drop off any donations at my house in Calgary, or you can make monetary donations to my paypal at jennyvangy@gmail.com.  I will make sure that 100% of the donations get into the hands of those in need to rebuild what they have lost. You can also email me at the same address if you have any questions.  I have already been so impressed at the hearts of the people who have read my blog and reached out to help, and as I continue to pray for the people who have lost so much, I know I will continue to be amazed!

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  1. In my fire experience :) smoke damage can be very extensive. We lost everything plastic because they can't get the smell out of it. They also tossed anything to do with the kids, just as a safety precaution. Books were OK, and things made of wood. Anything upholstered was gone - couch, mattresses etc. The fire was by far the most stressful thing that has ever happened to me.


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