06 May 2011

On Being an Islander

Six years ago we spend 10 days on Newfoundland with my family, and fell in love with the island. We have often dreamed of going back. Well, it seems that we have found another island to love.  Victoria, it turns out, is incredible!  We've been here just two days, and I'm ready to send for all my things and settle down.  Seriously. I think I was meant to be an islander.

The first thing we did when we got to Victoria was find a place to live. It was pretty easy, seeing as we are only going to be here for 2 months, and we didn't need much.  We found a furnished basement suite off Kijiji, went straight there, signed the lease and moved in!  The entire apartment is not much bigger than the room we live in in my parents basement, but we don't plan on spending much time in it anyway, and it is clean and cute.

Then we went to the only place that Eli really wanted to see: the beach.  It's just a few blocks from our house, and it is lovely! It wasn't that warm out (albeit, warmer than Calgary) so we didn't jump in, but we enjoyed it nonetheless.

The majority of Silas's aunties would be disgusted by this beach, due to all the sea weed. Silas and Eli didn't seem to mind. In fact, Silas was quite excited by being able to throw the sea weed back to sea.  Eli wanted to know if he could eat it.

There was a park right off the beach, so we spent a few moments there in hope of wearing off some of the sand before we climbed back in the car (a losing battle, I suppose.)

Then we did our grocery shopping, setting ourselves up for life on the island for the next 2 months.  YEAH!

Yesterday, although Eli asked to go back to the beach every half hour, the weather was less than accommodating , so we spent the day exploring indoor adventures.  We went to the Pacific Underwater Gardens, a boat with aquariums around it that you can view from the inside.  We saw octopi, sea stars galore, and a scuba diver.  Eli and Silas's favorite part was the tiny pool they could reach their hands into to hold the sea stars themselves.


  1. Arvid and I went to the underwater gardens on our honeymoon - lots of fun.

  2. Baby powder. That's how you get the sand off of your feet. You just sprinkle the stuff wherever there's sand, it absorbs the moisture, and the sand falls right off. You're welcome. :)
    Looks like a fun adventure!

  3. Ah! That's so cool! We want to come visit and go to a beach and touch sea stars!!!

  4. I'm glad you are all having so much fun but I miss you already so come back, ok?

  5. wow, how wonderful that you found a place to live so quickly/easily! Looks like you're off and running and enjoying your adventure already :) And way to keep up with your priorities... beach then food ;p

  6. Jenny, I love all of your pictures.


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