08 May 2011

Ahoy Matey - Baby Wearing Tube

I love to wear my babies (and toddlers, for that matter.) I've got a little bit of an addiction when it comes to baby carriers.  I have woven wraps and stretchy wraps.  I have ring slings and pouch slings. I have a structured soft carrier, and I even have a framed backpack carrier. In our move to Victoria we didn't bring any toys, any bibs or spoons, we didn't worry about cribs or high chairs. We didn't even bring a stroller.  But, we did bring my ERGObaby Carrier, and it's already been indispensable.  Silas has been in it on all our walks and adventures.

After four years of baby wearing I have finally solved a constant problem.  Inevitably as we hike/walk/explore, the weather changes.  Sometimes it's just walking in and out of buildings at the zoo.  Taking the baby in and out of the carrier just to take off a coat, and then put it back on, is more than tedious, it's downright annoying!  Never mind the fact that wearing a bulky coat in the carrier can be more than a bit bothersome.  So, on my long drive to Victoria I knit to solve the problem (if only more problems of the world couldn't be solved by knitting) and I came up with this:

Wonderful, eh?  It's a simple knit tube, with a hole in the middle for the baby's back.  Naturally I needed to make it manly for my little boy, so the skully was knit in.  I've got to make another now and actually make it fit him, but I'm totally loving my invention.  It's such an easy way to keep his exposed back and arms warm without the bulk of a coat.  And, it's easy to take on and off while he's still in the carrier, so you don't have to worry about the temperature changes. I think I might make a few more with girly prints and better yarn.  Oh, the cleverness of me! Stay posted for the perfected version and a pattern!


  1. i like reading all your posts. i am jealous you are there. i love it there, too.
    this is genious. i might get you to make one for me to wear when i have a backpack on. you know, so i don't have to take off my backpack to put on my coat.

  2. Don't blog this ! Patent this! This. is. genius.
    And I must have one! Can I order one?!

    Maybe one with a hood for the fall...you know so their neck is warm too?
    My toddler is destined to be a runaway...the ergo is our best friend because he can't be trusted on the speed of his own feet.

    I love this.

    (and I am jealous you get to be in Victoria too!)

  3. You have no idea how much I want one of those.... can you make me one with a hood?


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