30 April 2011

Another Wiebe Adventure

So... we're going to Victoria.  That's right. Victoria. Jared got into the University of Victoria for Spring term to take the last exam he has to take, and so we're going. On Tuesday. To Victoria.  Crazy, eh?

Actually, I'm not going the whole time.  I've got commitments, you know. I teach Speech Arts, and I have a mommy who is due at the end of May, so I'll go with him to get him settled in, come back to Calgary for a few weeks, and them join him again after the baby is born.

I've never been to Victoria. I don't know a soul in Victoria. We don't have a place to live in Victoria.  But, we are going to Victoria!

So, now here's where I need advice.  We are planning on renting a very small, furnished place, and I don't plan on being there very much, because I really want to explore. For anyone who's been to Victoria, where do I go, what can't I miss, and what should I do?  Fill me in, people.  At the most I've got 4 weeks, but likely less than that, and I want to see it all!

Victoria, here we come!


  1. Ohhhhh I love Victoria! I lived there for a year. There are great beaches...and you will love the harbor front downtown! It is so beautiful, you will likely leave addicted to gelato...there are shops EVERYWHERE. Make sure you go whale watching in the zodiacs. You are in the middle (okay maybe not the middle...but really far out) of the ocean right at water level close enough to TOUCH the whales and have them blow stinky blow hole water at you. It is INCREDIBLE. I moved out there all by myself and didn't know anyone when I arrived, so I was in a boat full of Swedish tourists who didn't speak English but sharing in the awesomeness of touching whales in their environment is pretty bonding.
    My very best friend in the whole wide world and her husband live there for school until September. I will find out what ward they are in. Her name is Jenn and her husband's name is Justin. She is a doll...and then you can know someone:) Spring is a perfect time to go...you will love your four weeks I am sure! I have never been anywhere else quite like it.

  2. Every time I go to Victoria, people tell me to see Butchart Gardens, but we have never been able to fit it in. They should be gorgeous in the spring.

  3. Yeah that you're going in spring and not winter! I love the Ocean!
    I'm totally confused cause I thought he was done with all his school stuff. Hope it goes well and he can be done quickly!

  4. My memories of the island (when I was about 8?) are of Butchart Gardens, a wax museum??? and THE BEACH! I LOVED the beach. Finding sand dollars, sea anenomes, the waves. It will be amazing. Find out of they have a science centre for rainy days.


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