28 March 2010

Shots of our Day

I can imagine the oooohs and aaaahs you are all expelling right now.  Yes, they are cute.
But, like most photo shoots, we ended up like this.
Eli helped make quesadillas for dinner.

He was sad because he "burned" himself on his barely warm pan.

And then there's this gem:


  1. cute kids, but i really dont think they look alike at all!!
    please come home and visit so our kids can play.

  2. I was just going to say the same thing! Eli is SO you, and Silas is SO Jared! Genes are a funny thing. But they're both adorable!

  3. i don't even recognize eli in the last pic...but it made me laugh out loud!

  4. k the last picture is freaky. but the pics of them on the couch are really funny.

  5. They are cute boys. The two kids sitting in between Malayna and Tate are Bella Allen (Jan and Bret's daughter) and Jadey Curtis (Rusty and Megan's daughter). I wish you were there too!


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