24 March 2010


 Pretty much, my crafty inspiration, the woman I look up to most, the mom I want to be, is Cheryl Snell.  I couldn't post what I am about to post without giving her credit of having this idea first (as I know she is a little touchy about it).  She made this darling dolly for her Ruby before Christmas, and I had to copy her.  It is Cheryl's brilliance that has brought this post to you, and joy to the seven little girls that will receive these sweet dolls... well, Cheryl's and Martha Stewart's... well, actually, Cheryl's, Martha's and the woman who created made the pattern.  But hey, just know that I love Cheryl, and without her these little gems would not exist!

They were so easy to make.  Cheryl (brilliantly I might add) suggested that I make the legs and arms a little wider than the pattern called for, so I did just that.  Also, I embroidered on the eyes and mouths rather than paint them on.  I think they turned out pretty adorable!  And, tomorrow, they will be en route to Michigan via the wonderful workers of the United States Postal Service.


  1. ummm you said they will be going to michigan. did you mean blackfalds??

  2. These dolls are absolutely adorable Jenny!!! I can't believe you made all of them by hand! Well, actually I can because you are wonderfully crafty like that! :) Thank you for posting the pattern. I will have to attempt this one at some point!

  3. I wish I had left mine for you to do. It's still sitting in a bag somewhere. Now I'm motivated a little though!

  4. Sister dears, when I get back to Alberta, let's seriously have craft days where we let out children run wild and make fun things like this all day. It would be way more fun to do it with you, rather than all on my own!

    Sierra, I miss you!

  5. hahaha- I love it! You did an amazing job... and I am pretty sure it is you who inspires me to actually get things done....

  6. Pretty sure you actually have friends in the city you live it. It's easy to be crafty every day when you have nothing else to do. Except clean your house... but who needs to do that?!

  7. Sorry type-o

    I'd love to exchange postcards with you.
    ruparanoid2 (at) yahoo (dot) com


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