03 March 2010

This boy loves his daddy!

My darling husband is just about finished law school... just about.  Right now he is doing an internship with the Spokane County Prosecutor.  Basically, much to Eli's joy, he spends his day in front of judges putting 'bad guys' behind bars.  Yeah!  But, like most legal interns, sometimes he has to bring his work home.  Last night he came home with a trial to prepare, and told Eli that he would play with him just as soon as he made a few phone calls.  He then barricaded himself in the 'office.'  Well, I was preparing dinner, so I told Eli not to bother his dad and went about my business.  A few silent minutes later I went looking for our little super hero, and this is where I found him:
He is staring at the door, behind which his daddy is making those important phone calls.  When I asked him what he was doing, he said, "Waiting for Daddy; we are going to wrestle."  I just love how much he loves his dad!


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