05 April 2010

Easter Fun

Well, this week we went to my parents cabin in Sandpoint to enjoy the Easter holiday, sans internet.  My sister Phoebe, her friend Heidi, Alice and the boys and my folks were all there.  It was a blast.  Eli, for better or for worse, learns so much from his cousins.  I just love watching him observe them, and then trying to imitate them.  We did lots of fun stuff, but here's just a sampling:

Phoebe and Grandma read lots of books to Eli. 

Oscar and Winston put away past differences... well, mostly.

We had a Family Home Evening lesson on knowing the Shepherd's voice, and made some hand print sheep. (Have I mentioned that I LOVE hand print crafts!?)

Silas and Mari became aquainted.

Andy taught Eli how to wrestle.

My mom and dad ate like Macrobiotic fiends!

Easter egg decorating.

Silas modeled all the hats I made (blog giveaway, here I come!)

The Easter Bunny came.

Oh, and the HOT tub. 

Living in Spokane has really blessed us with being so close to family.  Eli has learned to fit right in with all his cousins.  He declared MANY times this week that he "just loves the cabin" or Grandpa, or Grandma, or even the stairs.  I love it so much.  However, this Easter we also really missed our home in Michigan.  The past two General Conference weekends we have spent at our friends the Paxton's. We missed them a lot knowing that we will probably not do that ever again. 

And, because it was Easter weekend, let me declare my testimony of the atonement of Jesus Christ.  As I spent the week with my family I was reminded how grateful I am to have a Saviour who loved me enough to atone for my sins so that I can return to my Father in Heaven, with my Eternal Family.  I am so blessed to know of the gospel of Jesus Christ here on the earth and testify that it is true.

Happy Easter!


  1. please tell all those kids to please stop growing up. i cry just looking at those pics. i miss being away so much it hurts.
    happy easter.

  2. awhh looks like we really missed out. please enter me in your blog giveaway right now for that cute hat!

  3. So sad. I cried a little. :(

  4. Great pics - send 'em over!
    I was just showing Andy and he pointed ot the picture of Eli and said, "Who the heck is that?" I said, "Eli." "Who the heck is Eli?"


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