03 March 2010

Stuff on Sticks...

... and Hooks, and Under the Needle...

I have a doll, a little knit doll, that my Nanny made for me, affectionately called, My Nanny Doll. I love it.  Apparently my nanny was quite the knitter, and she passed those skills onto her daughter, my Grandma Betty.  As long as I can remember Grandma Betty has knit things for us: hats, mitts, scarves... She has even made "Nanny Dolls" for both of my sons.

I love to make things too.  Love it!  I love the accomplishment of creating something with my own hands.  I love the connection with other women that crafting seems to create. When I wanted to learn how to knit, naturally I asked my Grandma Betty.  I feel that our relationship has grown closer because of this. My Grandma Jackson bought me the fabric for the first quilt I ever made.  And since, my mom and mother-in-law have both spent hours quilting with me.  I love these memories, and the product that comes out of the good times!

So, right now, I've got a lot of projects on the go!  Knitting projects, crochet projects, quilting, sewing, painting, decorating...  Like I said, I like to make things!  Here's a few of the things I'm working on right now:
 Just a little something that Eli and I have been working on for his girlfriends back in Michigan.  Shhhh... don't tell!

Ever since I made Eli's friend, Ruby, a crown, Eli has been begging for one himself.  So... I am making 4!

Megan's Christmas present, from last year.  I have promised that I will get it to her before next Christmas.

A hat for Jared.  Too bad it's not cold here in Spokane.  My motivation to get it done left just as soon as we arrived.

 This one's a secret, but it's almost done!!!

The blessing gown for when we have a baby girl. Another one that the motivation has left. I pick it up when I'm pregnant, and put it down both times I've had a boy.

This is the closest I've ever come to finishing a knit garment.  I am almost done, and have to finish it before it won't fit Silas anymore. I started it 2 years ago for Eli. Oh well.  It's so beautiful!

Well, there you go. That certainly isn't the complete pile of things I want to do, but it's what I'm working on right now.  Jared is good to me, because there is usually one or two spread out in our living room, reminding me to keep going.  Maybe I will finish that hat for him, after all.


  1. Love the dolls! They look awesome! I love the 'rosie' one!!!
    Did you get all the fabric at joanns or did you order it online??

  2. Most of it was just scraps and fat quarters from various stores. They are cute. Too bad I have no girls.

  3. those dolls are so cute! brette made me/marlie one last christmas, but i love the fabrics you chose. which of those crafts are for me?...

  4. child of the universe, who are you?

  5. Shan, when I'm back in Alberta lets have monthly craft days where we let our children run wild and we make wonderful things, kay? And, um, the pink crown is for you. You will love it!

  6. is it for ME, or my kids? please let it be for me.
    and i would LOVE to have crafting days. hurry and move home!!


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