19 March 2010

Easter Basket

Today my friend Sarah came over with her two boys to make Easter Baskets.  We thought it would be a great craft for our older boys to do, but it turned out way too messy, so it became a Mommy craft day while the boys played with the costumes.  We had fun, regardless, and the Easter Baskets turned out great. 
 First we heated 2 1/2 cups of sugar with 1 cup of water over the stove.

We even got a little help from Buzz Lightyear and a Dragon.
 Then we soaked crochet cotton in the sugar water and wrapped it around balloons.
 This is about halfway done.  We used about 300 yards of thread between the two balls, and probably could have used more.  We will wait for them to dry, pop the balloons, cut out a hole, and put them out for the Easter Bunny to fill on Easter morning.  Tons of fun!


  1. Fun! I wish I lived closer then we could have come over and you could have seen the butt-less chaps justin got me...

  2. i want the recipe! i'm pretty sure i used to lick mom's easter baskets she made when she was a new mom...yes...20 years later...it still tasted sweet and yummy!

  3. Cheryl - Oh how I wish I could see the chaps!

    Holly - You should have seen Eli licking it while we were making it. I asked him not to, and while he was nodding "yes" his tongue was involuntarily sticking out to lick it. He just couldn't help himself.

  4. Cute idea! It looks like you always have good projects for you and Eli. I might have to steal your pine cone feeder idea...only with sunbutter instead of PB to avoid anaphylaxis!

  5. It's always good to avoid anaphylaxis! Watch out for those squirrels though.

  6. Such a great project. Your son looks so intense working on it! I got the postcard in today's mail. It's so sweet! Thank you for creating this. Please send me your address so I can mail mine to you.


  7. Jenny, my dear! I am so glad you posted a comment on my blog so now I can read yours too! This is the cutest idea. Where do you learn things like this? I miss you guys too, you have no idea. The ward is just not the same without the Wiebes. Hope all is well in Washington. Can't wait to see you in May!


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