15 March 2010

Pine Cone Theif!


Someone, or something, has stolen our pine cones!  Eli is horrified, and can't figure out who would do such a heinous thing.  All his hard work, gone, taken from us, right under our noses!  We went outside, just two days after we put out our treats for the birds, and this is all we found.  All three peanut butter-birdseed glories were ripped from the strings and vanished.  Eli wants to call the police, knowing that they help find stolen things.  I have a sneaky suspicion though: there are some mischievous squirrels around, and I think they have pillaged our backyard!  Perhaps they heard me say how scrawny they were, compared to the monstrous squirrels of Michigan.  Maybe they have a thing against Winston, and wanted to punish us for the acts of our dog.  Possibly they are stricken by the recession, like everyone else, and just can't feed their families, so have resorted to lives of crime. In any case, I guess Eli and I have a project for tomorrow: we are making pine cone squirrel feeders!


  1. there is obviously someone or something out there that needed those pine cones more than you. post pics of the squirrel feeders.

  2. The squirrel feeders are bound to look an awful lot like the bird feeders.

  3. I have no doubt it was squirrels. They are so clever I'm surprised they haven't figured out how to hot wire a car and go to a McDonalds Drive Thru!



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