22 November 2010

Overwhelmed by Random thoughts

So, let's all just play a little game and pretend that it is Sunday night, and that little old Jenny didn't forget to post her Nativity giveaway winner, and that tomorrow is Monday, not Tuesday, and that she will post her next giveaway then.  Did you do it?  Good.  I feel better already.

Let me start by saying that I can't believe it is November 22 already. Days are so stealthy, I keep missing them as they go by. 

I am almost done my Christmas shopping, which was pretty easy because our entire budget is lower than you can imagine, so getting to the end of it means getting to the end of my shopping. 

I almost hate looking at blogs these days because there are so many cute ideas out there, and I want to do them all, but to decorate a house, you need a house, so there's really no point.  I've put all the good ideas I'm finding into a file to save for next Christmas, when there will be a whole new pile of brilliant ideas, and I will just be even more overwhelmed than I am right now!  Crap.

We did get our family photos taken this week. My incredible friend, Scott Hutchinson, braved -18 degree weather to get the shot I had in my head.  He is amazing.  Stay tuned for a post with the pictures, and stay tuned just a little bit longer for a little gem in your mailbox, complete with a picture of my beautiful family and an update of our goings on.  If you want one, and you don't think I have your address, send it my way so I can send the love your way!

So, without further ado, the winner of the Nativity is....

Erin Wallace!!!

Yeah!  Erin is a dear friend whom we met in Michigan.  The joyous thing is, she and her family are from Alberta and are moving back in December!  So yes, Erin, this will have to be an excuse to get together over the holidays - I won't ship it to you just for you to pack it up and move it back. 


  1. "YES!!YES!!YES!!!!!!!" I just yelled out loud. Devin looked up from the computer, puzzled. "I won Jenny's draw!!" I exclaimed. Does a Monday get much better than this? I think not!!! Jenny, I am so excited to see you!!! I am also very excited about your beautiful nativity (so glad I don't have to paint and sand it myself). You're the best!! I'm excited to get together!

  2. Best blog giveaway winner response EVER!!! I love you, Erin.

  3. i wish i had time to have random thoughts...i can't wait to come home for christmas. seriously. get ready starting NOW.

  4. We're spending Christmas at the Wallace cabin in Montana this year. Tenants won't be out of our house until Dec.31st, so we'll be moving in on the 1st. Can we get together once we're back in Alberta? Perhaps you could come down for Zoe's b-day party (and sleep over)? If not, we'll plan a trip to Calgary!


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