28 November 2010

The LAST Winner!

Kay, seriously, this last seven weeks of blogging has been absolutely crazy. Fun, but crazy!  Giveaways are always exciting: sponsored giveaways are even better!  I'm still so thankful to Inspired By Finn for their necklace giveaway, and Down to Earth Toys for the toy boat!  But, through it all I've definitely felt blogging pressure that I'm not sure I LOVE.  I mean, when I started this blog I did it because of two friends, Cheryl and Sarah, who have family blogs.  Both are places I love to go to catch up on their lives, see pictures of their kids and feel connected with them though they are millions of miles away. 

During the last seven weeks I've felt I HAD to blog in order for people to be able to comment enough. I don't like to HAVE to do anything, really.  And frankly, sometimes I don't want to blog, or sometimes I want to blog about the mundane, silly things in life: things that may not be accompanied by an incredible picture, or an original craft.  You know, like how today on the way home from Church Eli asked us to sing "Away in a Manger" and then stopped us to ask how, if Baby Jesus slept in the manger, he cuddled with his mommy (which, obviously, he did - Jesus definitely would have co-slept!) Or, how Silas folded his arms, or rather just one arm, which I suppose isn't folding at all, but you get the picture, during prayer this morning!  I'm not sure if anyone at all wants to hear about such things, but I think they are worthy of recording, and since my blog has kind of become my record keeping, this is where I tend to want to put such things. 

I guess what I'm saying, dear readers, is that I really hope you aren't reading this to find anything more than the adventures of one mommy, babbling on as though someone cares.  Because I think it's fun, I will continue to post some of my crafts, but from this point on you are going to be getting a lot more of me and less of that.  Hope that's okay with you all! 

But, let's not end this adventure on a terse note, let's be happy and giveaway the very last giveaway!  Using Random.org, and counting ALL the comments, even the few somewhat LAME ones, the winner of my two crocheted hats is....

Cheryl Snell!!!! 

There were two particular followers who have commented religiously on every post over the last seven weeks, and Cheryl has been one of them, so I'm glad she has won.  Cheryl, you are just going to have to wait until you are back in Alberta in December to get these hats (which, BTW, I am SO excited for!)  All the more reason for you to see us BEFORE Christmas!

And, because many people have asked, and I have generally ignored, and since I am a machine with the crochet hook, if anyone wants to order either of the two hats in this giveaway, in any colour you would like, I would be happy to hook one up for you!  $15 for one, or $25 for two.  Just send me an email and we can talk shop. 

Lastly, because both Canadian and American Thankgiving are now out of the way, I can say, without stepping on anyone's toes, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


  1. Whew!!! Finally!

    I would love two hats with the braids...is that a style offered? Red and blues for a one year old and a three year old...both with bigish (cute) heads...
    Do you have paypal?

  2. Oh Aaaand I wanted to say...as a blogging veteran (700 plus posts...I think that counts right?) I was getting caught up sometimes during a rant or a -to- anyone- else, boring post or my 699th post about my children about what others might be thinking. The blogging liberation came when I let go of what other readers might be thinking and just writing and record keeping for me. I enjoy your writing and your blog in general, free stuff is just the icing on the cake....

  3. was i the other faithful commenter? cuz i'm pretty sure i was.
    don't worry. i'll read your random babbling and STILL comment ;)

  4. Double yay! First because I LOVE TO WIN THINGS! WOOT WOOT! and secondly because I love to read about the 'mundane' things in your life- and I will soon be able to experience them myself- once we drive the million miles back to Alberta!!!

  5. I love the real stuff about your life and your boys!


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