10 November 2010

I'm the luckiest mother on earth

The conversation I had while Eli was watching Lady and the Tramp II, when the offspring of the original movie runs away and declares that he doesn't love his family and doesn't want to go back home:

Eli, bursting into tears: "I'm so sad right now, Mom!"

Me: "Oh dear, how come, Eli?"

Eli: "I don't know, I just am."

Me: "Is the movie making you sad."

Eli: "No, I'm just sad, and I want that boy to go back to his daddy."

Me:  "I'm pretty sure he will really soon.  Do you want to come cuddle with me and we can watch it together."

Eli: "Yes, because I'm really sad."

I'm so grateful for a sensitive boy. I wonder sometimes how I can teach him kindness and empathy, but then I see little glimpses of just how sweet and understanding he is.  I am thankful that he is well attached to me and understands that little boys should love their families and want to be with them.  I really am the luckiest mom in the whole world!


  1. Awww- not only is he sweet and sensitive but he has a squirrel that goes 'boing'... you are a lucky mom and he is a lucky boy.

  2. You should read Real Boys. It is so good, and really addresses this. I have it.

  3. I love the attachment... and yet then I think about what happens when they grow up and move away??? Will they still call their momma :)


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