08 November 2010

Oh ya, a giveaway...

 You thought I forgot, didn't you?  Well, I didn't!

This is week five in my Thanksgiving to Thanksgiving Giveaway, and this week I am giving away a set of three wool balls. I don't have a picture, because I haven't made them yet, for I will personalize them for you if you want!  That's right, you will never have to worry about your balls being stolen, because I will felt your name (or your child's name, if you so wish) right on them.  Or I can just make some beautiful generic ones, if you want.  Pretty much, your wish is my command!

So, who will it be this week???

Here's the rules:

Madatory entry:

1. Be a follower and comment on this post.

Extra entries:
2. You will get one extra entry for every post you comment on this week (including the tutorial post).

This giveaway will be open until Sunday November 14th, at whatever time I choose to make the draw - probably in the evening sometime.  Anyone can enter, no matter where on this fine planet you live.


  1. Love this idea!! I just saw your wool balls tutorial and they look adorable!! :)

  2. Brenden says those are pretty balls ;)

  3. I really really want some wool balls- I could make my own but why do that when you are so insanely talented and will do that for me???

  4. I always wanted wool balls. At least I did since you mentioned it...

  5. Well really they are for my 9 month old...he loves balls of any sort but is not that responsible with his belongings so having two back ups is a good plan.

  6. Did I mention I really like your blog! Do you read www.soulmama.com? I think you would really like her...I didn't see her in your sidebar.

  7. Is this cheating or is this my forth entry?

  8. i think ppl who've already won don't get to enter...i'm getting desperate...
    they're beautiful! i can't wait to see them!

  9. nix would love one of those balls! they are so cute!!

  10. I want those wool balls and juggling lessons too!


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