25 November 2010

My Mad Crochet Skills

Kay, so quite honeslty, I have done nothing but crochet the last few weeks.  I just love how I can sit down with a ball of yarn and a hook, and a few hours later have a beautiful hat to give away. Unfortunately, there is no way I have enough babies to give all my hats to.  I need to start making them bigger.  And maybe I should make some for me.  No, that would be silly.

Anyway, the Snow Day hat I made was so cute, and so fun, I have made a few more just like it.  There's the red one that is this weeks giveaway.  Then there are two of theses:
I've made a bunch more of the flower hats. Here's one:
Then, with the ends of the balls of yarn, I've made a few of these:
I love this one. It's just a bunch of different crochet stitches. Maybe I will expand my repertoire of patterns and write this one up.  We'll see.

Anyway, moral of this story is, everyone should have a baby girl so that I can get rid of these hats. Like, now.


  1. you are talented my friend. Can you teach me everything you know?

  2. i love those hats. i dont have a "baby" girl, but mars is only 3. couldnt you make your sweet old neice a cute little hat? and kadies only 10, a hat like that would be soo cute on her... they would both be so cute wearing the flower ones... hint hint

  3. The hats you make with the flowers just kill me with sweetness!! I love them! And is that Purple on the first and last hats???!! My absolutely favorite color! Good choice!

  4. how cute is MARIGOLD! she must not grow up anymore.

  5. ps. please make hats for ALL my children. i want them all to be hatted.

  6. i had to look again, those hats are still as cute as i remember them being!

  7. Fine Fine... here is my REAL comment:)

    Your hats as always are beautiful and your talent is unchristianably enviable. (Yes I think that is a made up word)...


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