13 September 2010

Thrifty Plight for a Bowling Night

Monday night = Family Home Evening.  Family Home Evening = finding something fun to do together whilst learning about the gospel.  This week the fun beat out the gospel learning: we went bowling. And, not just the immediate Wiebe clan, but the extended Evans troops.  Even Bumpa and Bumma tagged along!  Just hours before our adventure began, my little sis, and housemate, Phoebe, and I, decided it was absolutely necessary to go thrifting to find perfect bowling attire for the entire Wiebe family. So off we set to the nearest thrift, and search we did.

Polyester, unfortunately, we did not find.  I was disappointed, to say the least.  I envisioned our whole family decked out in matching vintage bowling shirts, Silas included.  That, I did not find.  But, Phoebe must be my thrifty good luck charm, because, while match we did not, we found some real gems.

So, decked out in our unwashed Goodwill finds, to the bowling alley we did roll.  Eli had the time of his life, bowling for mine, Jared`s and his turns.  I came in 12th.  Yes!!!

 Jared and I in matching cowboy shirts. 
 They actually had bowling shoes in Eli`s size.  Velcro and so adorable.
 Phoebe`s smashing outfit, not from the thrift, but from Mother`s closet.
 Silas cried really hard when we wouldn`t let him go after his ball.
Because it comes into question occasionally, Silas's shirt subtly says, "I'm not a girl."
 Check out that sweater!!!

The scratchy, hot sweater, however fabulous, eventually came off and the game kicked up a notch.  This is Andy and Eli throwing two bowling balls down the alley. Still they only knocked down 2 pins!


  1. Awesome! Now what are you going to make out of your thrifted cowboy shirt- I think an upcycle is in order... oh and a step by step tutorial of course...

  2. Well... I didn't mention that I actually had to do a little alteration on the shirt before I could wear it. Nothing I couldn't handle in the 5 minutes I had. I was actually thinking of making a girl's dress out of it. Ruby could use one, couldn't she?

  3. i hate it when you guys do fun things without me...
    except the whole not washing your thrifting purchases...i'm sorry, but that is just gross...

  4. ps. please keep that sweater for my future boys.

  5. Phoebe! I love the dress! I want it...

  6. Oh, jacob too, I am afraid needs the I am not a girl shirt...something about little blond boys with big eyes I suppose...Where did you get it? Please don't say you made it!

  7. looks fun! we went bowling, and nixon got in trouble, cuz he was walking up by the lane without any shoes on. who gets mad at a 1yr old?
    eli is cute jumping in the air!


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