09 September 2010


I live in a room. 
One room. 
One room with four people, and all I own. 
I often dream of a life which is no longer, where we lived in a big, beautiful, orange house, where we lived large off loans and we knew as soon as school was done we'd be rolling in the dough. 
Turns out the dough needs to be left to rise for a while. 
Living in a single room can get you down.

Last night I went to a meeting. A meeting with strangers. Strangers that had one thing in common.  And, for a few hours I realized that this place that I'm in right now might be different from where I came, but it can be wonderful too. I drove home and had that warm fuzzy feeling inside, which is such a nice feeling to feel, if you ask me.

I turned 30 this week, which, by the way, I got to much quicker than I thought I should.  I've become much more mature, since turning 30.  In my new found maturity I've decided that I would rather feel warm fuzzy feelings to most other feelings: like I said, it is such a nice feeling to feel.
What made the meeting I went to so wonderful?  It was a meeting of mothers who breastfeed.  A support group, if you will.  
 (Why in the world do breastfeeding mothers need a support group? Well, we're a minority, we are.  Only fourteen percent of women breastfeed to six months.  I never stop breastfeeding.) 
So, together we gather, to talk about things that are important.  Last night, I realized that I like being with women who feel the same way I do.  I felt accepted and loved.  

So, I'm going to do more things that make me feel that way.  I'm going to make this place my home.  I'm going to ride horses with friends.  I'm going to explore the city I grew up in with my family.  I'm going to help people.  I'm going to make myself busy. 
I'm going to spend less time in my room.

I think I'm going to like being 30.


  1. Wow- you do sound more mature since you turned 30...

  2. Wow, I was surprised by that stat! Most people I know breastfeed, and usually to around a year. Interesting!

  3. I got that stat from a Lactation Consultant at a LLL conference in the spring. I've got the reference to the, but can't find it on line. It's a Canada wide study, and it says that less than 14% of mothers are still breastfeeding when their babies turn six months.
    I think that's great that you know so many breastfeeding mothers. I do too, but I tend to surround myself with them. I do know many women who bottle feed too, though, but I don't think my friends represent the statistic truly either.

  4. I went to a LLL meeting this week too. I was so happy when I came home I told Jon "It was awesome! It was all kinds of woman JUST LIKE ME!"

    Have a great 30th...I turn 28 next week and am kind of shocked at how the big three oh is creeping up so quickly! 30 sounds mature though...like a REAL grown up!

  5. calgary is fun. first stop to exploring its glorious depths: tubby dog for a peanut butter and jelly hot dog.
    do it. it'll make 30 even that much more fun. and silas will love it, too. (i'm thinking eli might, too;)

  6. glad the meeting made a difference to you! sometimes i wonder!

  7. Only 14%?! I'm surprised. Most of my friends who have had babies recently have gone longer than that! I'm at eight months which is longer than I made it with my oldest (my second couldn't nurse at all.) I'm hoping to make it to a year, but my oldest didn't give me the chance - he just gave it up on his own!

  8. Hey Jenny - thanks for visiting our crafty blog!! Your blog is great - love all your crafts. :)


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