21 September 2010

If you want to destroy my sweater, Pull this thread as I walk away.

I started this sweater when Eli was a baby three and a half years ago, and finished it this morning.  And, luck would have it, it fits Silas perfectly. Since Silas's birthday went by basically uncelebrated, the sweater has become his present. Isn't the leaf pattern just perfect for fall?

This is the first clothing piece I have ever made, with seaming and everything.  I was a little scared of the seaming processes, but it wasn't bad at all. Actually, I have to admit, it was even enjoyable.  I love the act of creating something, and making a sweater definitely was fulfilling. Watching it come together at my fingertips was wonderful.  Is it silly that I feel that way? 
 I actually made two hats, because the first one was a little small.  Maybe a future giveaway!
Eli didn't like NOT being the centre of attention, so he got in a shot.


  1. Hey! You promised that hat to Myers... How dare you.

  2. I want to cry that sweater and hat are so adorable. But like a happy cry because its the most fantastic outfit I have ever seen! It kind of makes me want to have a baby boy next time around. I know I have said this many a time but your knitting talents never cease to amaze me! So cute! :)

  3. i am officially the worst aunt.
    that sweater is soo cute, and i just love the matching hat. you are amazing!

  4. That sweater is beautiful! My medium is felt and glue sticks most often. :)

  5. I love how it buttons up the side, super cute!

  6. Happy Birthday Silas!

    That sweater is beyond gorgeous!

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE, LOVE LOVE LOVE, LOVE!!!!!!! So after you are the Douala of my future children, will you please make them clothes as well? You will be there favourite "aunt" I promise!!!!

  8. tyler says "that looks like a lot of work. it is beautiful." i say, "holy cow. that sweater's incredible. and i love weezer."
    love you! love silas!

  9. Tell Tyler that it was a lot of work, and that I will teach him how one day.


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