27 September 2010

Going on a leaf hunt, I'm not afriaid...

The good weather seems to be holding out here in Alberta this week, and so to enjoy it we walked to and from church yesterday. Despite being in high heels and nylons, it was thoroughly enjoyable! As we walked we pointed out to Eli all the different colors of leaves, and decided to go on a leaf hunt, collecting as many different colours and shapes as we could. By the time we got home, we had a real bounty!

There's even a flower, and a single pine needle in there!

After we laid out all our leaves, we searched through our stash of felt and matched the leaves with the different colours.  Eli's job was to arrange the leaves.

Then we took those felt pieces and traced circles on them.  I cut them up, Eli passed them to me as I sewed them, and we came out with a beautiful garland inspired from the leaves we collected!  Eli was happy to be able to pick out which leaf went with which coloured circle.
 Okay, so there were no purple or blue leaves, but I thought the garland needed a little more colour, so I sneaked those in!

Check it out at:



  1. Very cute! I fully plan on copying your idea, today! (Although maybe construction paper and staples for garland since I don't have all that cool felt on hand)

  2. I love it too! I love the felt.... I wish I had a stash like that....

  3. Cheryl, what's mine is yours... you know that!

    Linds, you could actually cut out the leaf shapes if you use construction paper. I wanted to do that, but it was too hard in the felt. It will be oh so pretty!

    Holly, come home and you can do it with me.

    PS For all who want to know, I get my wool felt from woolfeltcentral.com. I love it!

  4. very pretty - would make a cool door hanging if you made a ton!

  5. this is a wonderful idea. it is just lovely.

    love the treasure from the hunt. so special.

    thanks for linking up to the FALL FESTIVAL!



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