29 September 2010


The very best thing about living in Calgary is not the weather, it's not the room we live in, it's not even the fact that my mother does all the grocery shopping... it's that Eli and Silas get to play so much with their cousins.  Okay, let's be honest, at this point Eli does most of the playing, but I'm sure Silas will catch up soon. I absolutely love it! While we tend to spend a lot of time with my sister Alice's kids, this week has been chalk full of all the other cousins too.

First of all, on Sunday afternoon we had a big Wiebe birthday party for all the babies born in September/October. I tried to go unnoticed, but I got sneaked in somehow, and Silas and I were both spoiled, thoroughly.

 Jolayne whipped out her mad cake making skills with this fabulous train cake.

 Singing to everyone.  Silas was remotely interested!

Silas opening gifts. I'm not sure how Eli survived all by himself on his first birthday?

After the festivities at the Wiebe's, we spent Monday night celebrating Uncle Aaron's birthday, gorging ourselves on pancakes.

On Tuesday morning my mom, as is tradition, took Eli to Build-A-Bear for his third birthday (3 1/2 months late). I'm not kidding, he was so stinking excited!  They left early, went straight to Build-A-Bear to buy his bear, then went on the Carousel and out for lunch.  I just wish I could have followed them around with a camera... but alas.  When they got home a few hours later Shann had brought her youngest kids over, Andy came too, they all brought their own Bears, and we had a real party.

Eli running up the stairs to show me his "Storm Trooper Bear." Apparently he saw it on display and wouldn't be talked into anything else. I guess it's a guy thing.   Mom bought Star Wars outfits for all the kids' bears. It was a dream come true!
If you can't tell, that's Darth Vader, Storm Trooper, Princess Leia and Hans Solo. Rad.

Then, tonight, we went with Matt, Shannon and their five kids, and Alice, Aaron and their four to Edworthy Park for a wiener roast.  The kids played hard and got dirty, just what kids should do.
 Jared asked Eli if he ate the dirt. He said, "No" as he spit some out.

 The closest thing to a smile that I got out of Marlie in the two days I spent with her.
 I love fall!
 Here they all are!  Silas was not a happy camper.
 Cute little cow diaper, with the ears sticking out and all!
My niece Marigold, who's about the sweetest thing!
 And my favourite picture of all: Silas started walking this week, here he is with his daddy, and Woody. Love, love, love this picture. 


  1. Halloween.... ew. I am so not excited. although the kids look super cute. and I am jealous of your outings. come to Saskatoon and we can have a play date!

  2. Wow! look at all those KIDS! and that storm trooper bear is amazing. I'm with Eli on that one.

  3. love love love eli's drool!!!
    and of course the GORGEOUS pic of Mari!!!

  4. I love your new picture you're using for your header-good photography! Well, they're all good photos...

  5. i have several things to say, and all of which end with, "why am i not there, again?"
    why is eli wearing flowers on his t-shirt?
    is ben turning into one cute patoot or what? does he have a million girlfriends yet? mer is prolly super jealous.
    spence always has the biggest smile. i love it.
    i love your hat.
    and i want all these pictures so i can reminisce (spelling?), too.
    tell si to stop growing up till i get there.
    and mar might not smile, but she is one gorgeous girlie girl.
    and please tell kadie and mer that i'm so excited there coming i actually cry when i think about it? (ty has told me to stop thinking about it for a while...)
    i love star wars. a lot.
    and where did mari get those blue eyes?!

  6. the train cake is so cute! i also see a delicious looking trifle on the table. if it was amazing, can i somehow get the recipe? I need a great trifle recipe for one of our rs meetings. I miss you guys.


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