23 July 2010

Time for a Picnic

I love to picnic.  On one of our most memorable dates Jared took me on a picnic to a park near where he grew up.  My memories of picnicing as a kid are wonderful (except that one time when a mean old bee stung me right on the tip of my finger, and I walked around with grapes on my finger all day long - not sure why - but it seemed right at the time.)

Anyway, I love to picnic, but we haven't done it nearly as often as I would like.  In need of a little inspiration, I decided to make our family a picnic blanket that would be devoted to Wiebe Family picnics.  I want to find a picnic basket and some dishes and have it all together and ready so we can picnic away whenever we feel the urge.  While I was in Sandpoint with Renee I pieced the quilt.

Silas helped a lot!
Laying it out. 
All pieced.  I just have to put the back on, quilt it, and bind it and I'm ready for any picnicking adventure life can throw at me!


  1. So beautiful! Certainly a picnic inspiration. We never eat at restaurants as a family....(you know ...the whole allergy thing...) so we picnic a lot too...I think we need a blanket. Oh if only I could be so crafty! I think I have to wonder over to Etsy now, what would they do without me!

  2. umm i love your picnic quilt! i have a picnic quilt too, but it is not nearly as cute! good job!

  3. I can't believe you would go to all that work for a picnic blanket that is going to get muddy and marshmallowy and all that. you are ca-razy. and i love you. make me one?


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